Fans of Justin Bieber asking him to get rid of the “nasty” moustache

Поклонники Джастина Бибера просят его избавиться от «гадких» усов

Justin Bieber may idol of millions, but sometimes his appearance annoys even the most devoted fans. Recently, the canadian singer decided to change his image and grew a mustache, now fashionable among actors and among fans of Russian football thanks to the “brand” mustache coach. Fresh photos from the paparazzi and Bieber new video in Instagram left Internet users in disbelief.

Fans write that they don’t like new image of Justin, and they ask to shave this indistinct vegetation on the upper lip. “I will never be able to unsee this video of Justin twists his mustache,” “I need a lobotomy!”, “Justin, please, shave those nasty mustache! They are everywhere” – this and much more was written by the followers of the musician, after watching his stories. But, it seems that Bieber is completely happy with his appearance and while nothing is going to change it, despite the discontent of the fans. Apparently, people are able to indulge in a brand new Lamborghini for half a million dollars, can not afford even the most hideous mustache.


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