Fans of the series ? Join us on “20 Minutes”Series!

Pictures extracted from the series ” Stranger Things “, ” Kaamelott “, “The Big Bang Theory, “” Grey’s Anatomy “, “The Deuce” and “Game of Thrones “. — Lee Davis/Netflix/Calt Productions/HBO/CBS/ABC

Fans of the series ? 20 Minutes starts this Monday the community
” 20 Minutes “Series. You have put together the ultimate theory on Game of Thrones, Westworld and
The OA ? You are an expert on the successful vintage as The Prisoner or The 4th Dimension ? You know by heart the best punchlines of
Friends, Kaamelott, or
The Big Band Theory ? Join the community
” 20 Minutes “Series.

Why join the “20 Minute Series” ?

Integrate the ” 20 Minute Series “, it is a bit like integrating the service culture of writing in 20 Minutes. You will be able to participate in the selection of the angles of the articles of the topic Series of your favourite newspaper via surveys, chat with us, propose topics on the shows you are passionate about.
The community ” 20 Minutes “Series will be regularly surveyed and consulted. It is an opportunity to make your voice heard ! This group will allow you not to miss anything of the news of the series, but also have other surprises that 20 Minutes you can reserve…

“20 Minutes” Series will give you the opportunity also to discuss and share with other fans around the questions that have intrigued all seriephile who respects himself. And if, in The OA, Prairie was not a prisoner… but an accomplice of Eta ? And if the mégamonstre, seen in the teaser of season 2 of Stranger Things, was the Thessalhydra, appeared in Dungeons and Dragons in 1983 ? And if Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy was suffering from Alzheimer’s and had dreamed of his life ? What about the choice of Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to become the Lords of Time, in the next season of Dr Who ? The reboot of Dynasty is it really
a ” pure shit “, says Gordon Thomson, who played Adam Carrington in the 1980s ?

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Does it recommend 13 Reasons Why for teens ?
Mater a series without his half, is this wrong ? How do you continue to binge-watcher when one becomes a parent ? Promised, all the questions that a sérivore arises will be addressed. In short, what shine in all circumstances to the coffee machine.

How to reach the “20 Minute Series” ?

Just go on the page Facebook ” 20 Minute Series “ and click on ” join this group “. The access to the group is free and open to all, but it must deserve its integration in answering a few questions. It’s up to you !