Fantastic beasts: Jude law told about the second part of the movie

Фантастичні звірі: Джуд Лоу розповів про другу частину фільму

Jude law told us about Dumbledore’s sexual orientation
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In February, the Director of the second part of the “Fantastic beasts” David Yates said that the film will not be to talk openly about sexual orientation wizard Albus Dumbledore.

The Writer Of John. K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, in 2007 announced that the Director of the school of magic and wizardry Hogwarts was gay, and in his youth was in a romantic relationship with Ringenwalde.

Actor Jude law, who played the young Dumbledore commented in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the orientation of the character.

According to him, he asked Rowling, the wizard really was gay, and she confirmed.

“But, like people, sexuality doesn’t necessarily define who is a man… he’s multifaceted,” explains Lowe.

Answering the question, how will depicted the sexuality of Dumbledore in the film, the actor focuses on the fact that this is only the second part of the series.

“Joan can develop characters and reveal their hearts. Seeing Dumbledore in this film, you will learn about it much more in the next parts, says Jude law. In the beginning of the film we are introduced to his past, and then the relations between the characters develop in a natural way. But we will not show all at once. I didn’t even have a joint scene with johnny Depp (he plays the villain Regenwald). In a sense, this coincides with the real heroes who have not seen each other for a long time. It’s kind of funny. But then again, the past will manifest itself”.

Фантастичні звірі: Джуд Лоу розповів про другу частину фільму

In the Ukrainian film “Fantastic beasts: Crime Redelivered” will be released November 16, 2018.

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