Fantastic! Put language at the sky and breathe for 60 seconds. You won’t believe what happens to your body!

Different issues with Your health can be solved thanks to some breathing techniques.

Фантастика! Покладіть язик на піднебіння і дихайте протягом 60 секунд. Ви не повірите, що станеться з вашим тілом!

There are many other techniques. Each has its own specific effect on the human body. You just have to find the right set of breathing exercises, the one that fits your needs, reports Rus.Media.

If You are constantly stressed and/or You have trouble falling asleep, you can alleviate these problems breathing slowly while touching the sky language. This breathing technique is very useful for people who struggle with insomnia.

First, this technique may seem silly, but once you try it, you will see for yourself how effective it is.

Performing these exercises is a very simple task that will not take you more than sixty seconds.

Dr. Andrew Weil — the man who discovered this technique. He’s a doctor who went to Harvard and who claims that the method acts as a natural sedative for the nervous system. You just need to learn how to use your tongue and how to breathe properly. It will help You to relieve stress and to calm down almost instantly.

Respiratory equipment completely relax Your body and mind, and thus you will be asleep in less than a minute.

How to run.

Simply place the tip of the tongue on the upper palate and inhale slowly. Then a full exhalation. Continue to breathe in for 1 minute.

We want to offer You another technique, which gave us yoga.

Each of us experiences stress in one degree or another.

If Holden tells how to start doing qigong and relieve stress.

A short exercise in breathing for your lungs and immune system, including those which will help you to get rid of stress and feel the power of Qi.

Exercise can be done standing or sitting:
— round hands and put them at a small distance from the stomach palms toward you
— on the inhale, raise hands overhead while turning palms up
— the output of lower hands to the starting position
— try to breathe slowly and deeply
— then fists touch your chest
— touch the open palm of the hand from the chest to the wrist
— when you go down on inner arm
— when you go up the outer part of the hands
same thing with the other hand
— now put your hands down at the sides
— jump a little on his heels, while his whole body shake
— inhale through nose, exhale through the mouth
— relax and wait still, feel how the energy flows
— then exercise long deep inhales and exhales, raising and lowering hands ( about 10 breaths)
— think about what you want to attract into your life
— now put your hands down, arms crossed on the abdomen and take a few deep breaths right into your belly
and relax

This exercise takes only a few minutes and you already feel how the energy fills your body.

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