Far from being a priority

Loin d’être prioritaire

Slowly, but surely, everyone starts to get to the obvious: the NHL cannot will crown no Stanley cup champion in the year 2020.

On Monday, Drew Doughty showed himself sceptical of the possibility of playing the hockey in summer, to make up for lost time. Tuesday morning, the NHL has extended the time period for containment of its players, coaches and staff members of its teams until April 30.

Made available through a teleconference, Tomas Tatar has matured substantially in the same direction.

“The majority of players would like to manage to end the season, but it has to make sense. This is not obvious. There will be a next season, but a package of stuff, such as draft, must be conducted before, said the attacker of the Canadian. It is one thing to present all possible scenarios, as we will not have the green light, or even a date, it will be just speculation.”

Moreover, the athlete is 29 year old, back in Slovakia home for a few weeks, has argued that the resumption of activities in the professional sports should not be at the top of the list of priorities.

“In the first place, it is necessary to ensure the health of everyone, players, staff and supporters, he said. We are all in the same boat. This is not easy for person in this time, but it is necessary to observe the safety precautions that have been put in place. It is the health of the whole world must take precedence.”


It is a bit the same in regards to the impact of this pandemic in the finances of athletes. The players Association the NHL has beautiful keep its members informed on a regular basis, as an official decision will not be taken, it will be difficult to assess.

“We will probably be hurt by a loss of income. But, there are so many possible scenarios, stressed Tatar, whose contract will expire at the end of the season 2020-2021. Once you will be ready to go back to the game, it will certainly be part of the discussions. For the moment, I don’t think so. This is the last of my worries.”

Furthermore, no discussion had yet been struck between the Habs and the clan Tatar regarding the renewal of the agreement.

“We were still in the regular season. My attention was strictly focused towards the team”, has he hammered.

Accomplices important

Injured the upper body in a game against the Islanders, at Brooklyn, Tatar has seen season-ending three-game earlier than his teammates. Nothing major. Besides, he was on the point of put the collar back on when Gary Bettman announced the suspension of activities in his circuit.

With 61 points at the counter, at this time, he dominated largely the column pointers of the Canadian. In addition, it was already 10 games of the end of the calendar year the most productive of his career.

“My production is the reflection of my usage time with Phil (Danault), and Gally (Brendan Gallagher), has assured the Slovak. It was so well clicked between us. We even became good friends outside of the rink.”

In addition, he ensures that his two companions of trio are not strangers to his resurrection after his passing to be forgotten with the Golden Knights.

“I was lucky enough to play on the first trio. With Phil and Brendan, I have rediscovered the pleasure of playing. The coach has given me the opportunity to demonstrate that I belonged still to the NHL.”

An opportunity that it has seized.

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