Farmers in Kazakhstan are preparing to take the milk to the new requirements of the EAEU

PHOTO : / Ekaterina degtereva


From January 2020, the farmers of Kazakhstan should take the milk to the new requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union. However, many large manufacturers are not ready. What are you doing in the Republic to address the issue, found out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Kira Kanibolotska.

Raw milk supplied to factories from farms. Under control and the container in which it is transported, and quality indicators for Express-tests. Before the goods is not thoroughly checked, it was passed immediately after milking. Now record the presence of antibiotics, the percentage of fat, acidity.

“We are a milk processing company, and we understand that it is important for us feedstock. We produce dairy products. Not having the source of raw materials of high quality, can’t get the same dairy products of high quality”, – said Talantbek Tugelbaev, head of the dairy manufacturing plant.

The technical regulation quality control of raw materials tightened to ensure a quality end product, says one of the developers of the new project Irina Makeeva. Of the new standards: a perfectly healthy cow, milk transport chilled, whole container.

“What the cow was fed, the room in which it stands, whether it is ventilated than breathing cow, which drinks water than processed her udder handled milking machine. Milk needs to be addressed. It is a complex work of all market participants. They have to reject milk that does not meet the requirements of technical regulations”, – said Irina Makeeva, a representative of the all-Russian research Institute of dairy industry.

The modified regulations will allow to open new collection points of raw material with the use of rapid tests. It will relieve the sores from defective products.

“There are serious fears that there may be disease and antibiotic residues. We carried out such studies in 2017 in Almaty markets, and from 10 samples found residues of antibiotics. What is the result? When a child is treated with antibiotic in it, they do not work, because there was a certain accumulation,” explained Vladimir Kozhevnikov, Executive Director of the Dairy Union of Kazakhstan.

But farmers are in a panic, afraid that now the milk they do not sell. To fears were not technical regulations, the Ministry of agriculture organizes trainings on the basis of advanced dairies in the country. Until the end of the year to advise milk producers in all 17 regions of Kazakhstan.

“We are preparing information sheets to the farmers and small producers, individual entrepreneurs can know the requirements in production and harvesting of agricultural products. The training is conducted in 33 areas. Of them dairy farming in the priority direction. Total funding of 450 million tenge annually”, – said Erkebulan Akhmetov, Director of the Department of production and processing of livestock products of the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan.

Farmers in training veterinarians, biologists and technologists. Show you how to correctly milk a cow, collect the milk and care for cattle.

Kazakhstan annually produces over 5 million tons of milk. And capacity will increase.