Fashion tips: 6 things not to wear women 45+

What things need to be replaced to look the most impressive, now tell.

Поради стиліста: 6 речей, які не варто носити жінкам 45+

After 45 years the life only begins! But to match his age, need to get rid of things that will put you in a bad light.

Bra with a push up

Bras with a push up gradually go out of fashion. Visually enlarge my Breasts in this lingerie is no longer fashionable and effectively. Small Breasts this bra may be lost, and too much looks ridiculous. Now fashion loose lace underwear called bralley, informs Rus.Media.

Mini skirt

Forget about mini-skirts. They are vulgar and long out of fashion. You’re not 18 years old, so try to wear something more elegant. For example – pencil skirts or skirts of MIDI length.

Stretched things

Old things that have long lost their shape, but still very dear to you – need to get rid of. Leave them in your personal Museum and remember that oversized dangerous occupation and cultural phenomenon, which allowed to play the youth.

Funny, baby prints

Printou souvenir t-shirts always indicate bad taste. Can wear them only if you have good knowledge of post-irony. In other cases, replace them with plain t-shirts with a matte shade.

Short tops

You can wear it on a hot party and with the obligatory presence of a well-groomed, toned tummy. In other cases, it is better to choose tops with open back is exactly will produce the desired effect and will hide the flaws!

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans – the lot of young. Buy a slim, tailored black trousers and then you will look truly Bohemian. But it is better to choose jeans from quality denim with high waist, as if the sides will begin to droop – “trouble is inevitable!

When you save your image from these elements, you will feel much more confident and, of course, find inspiration for a new look and adventure, because at 45 life is just beginning.