Fasting helps to fight with severe disease

Голодание помогает бороться с тяжелым недугом

Regular fasting may give hope to people suffering with multiple sclerosis as it was found that the reduction of food intake can eliminate the symptoms of this disease. Experiments on mice with multiple sclerosis showed that the symptoms become less pronounced, when they were given food through the day. Doctors hope that changing the diet of people with multiple sclerosis will allow you to manipulate the immune system, which is over-active and attacks the body.

Currently, multiple sclerosis affects 2.3 million people worldwide, damaging the brain and nervous system. Multiple sclerosis causes the immune system to attack healthy nerves, causing fatigue, which is already hard walking, vision problems and muscle and the deterioration of people’s ability to think. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis expect that their findings will help people suffering from painful and debilitating condition.

During the tests, the experts decided to find out whether changes in diet on the symptoms of multiple sclerosis in mice. Fasting through the day allowed the mice to experience less difficulty when walking, and also to reduce weakness of limbs and paralysis are symptoms of brain damage caused by multiple sclerosis. In addition, the immune system of the hungry mice were more controlled and the body of rodents was observed less inflammation – immune response, which could damage cells. After successful trials on mice, scientists are conducting clinical trials on humans. If the fasting or reducing calorie intake will have the same effect in humans, it could pave the way for the development of new methods of multiple sclerosis treatment along with traditional medicine.

In the first part of the test, one group of participants will comply with a typical diet, while another group will eat as usual for five days a week and limited to 500 calories for the other two days.

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