Fat deposits on the stomach is not the problem: 4 tea, which will help to remove extra inches

Жировые отложения на животе не проблема: 4 чая, которые помогут убрать лишние сантиметры

All types of body fat probably the most unpleasant is the belly fat. It is not only resistant, but also accumulates slowly and unobtrusively, and going at all ages, and often after exhausting diets and exhausting visits to the gym. But there is good news. It turns out, to drive away the folds of fat can be more simple way. We provide 4 choices of tea, which will help to remove extra inches and speed up metabolism. Of course, assuming that you will use them regularly.

1. PU-erh (PU’er)

Get this expensive tea by fermenting the leaves of the tea Bush and their subsequent storage in a humid environment. And if over time other types of tea out of steam and lose flavor, PU-erh tea from long exposure only gets better, soft and full-bodied taste, just like good wine. Sometimes you can even find these varieties of PU-erh, which is more than 50 years! The most expensive varieties of this tea are sold for thousands of dollars in special Asian shops of rarities.

But the greatest value of this tea is its health benefits. It contains less antioxidants than white or green tea, but it has the property to reduce weight and lower the level of cholesterol in blood thus protecting the heart.

Several studies have shown that contained in tea catechins, caffeine and theanine really tend to struggle with obesity. Other studies have revealed that drinking this tea not only reduces the weight but also lowers the level of blood sugar.

Chinese scientists in 2009, published in the journal The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry jobs, which also emphasized the properties of Puer tea to reduce cholesterol. In particular, the article indicated that the extract of PU-erh not only lowers LDL “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides, while increasing levels of “good” cholesterol.

Other studies show that these protivogistaminnye properties emerge, most likely in the process of aging tea. Microbes, which are formed by aging, produce lovastatin, a natural statin, which medicine used to lower cholesterol. Studies also show that the longer the tea is aged, the more statin it produces.

2. Tea from cinnamon

Cinnamon is a wonderful and tasty spice which among other things helps to lose weight and reduce belly fat. First of all, it controls the insulin level. And even if you are a diabetic, regulate blood sugar, it is still necessary, because his jump (in any direction) may face the danger. Elevated sugar can cause the accumulation of excess fat, which hard to control and even more difficult to fold.

Not only drinking tea from cinnamon, but just adding it in food helps to regulate insulin levels, therefore excess fat does not accumulate under the skin. And cinnamon helps to reduce cholesterol.

Cinnamon greatly helps to improve the breakdown of carbohydrates, why is it not deposited in adipose tissue. This is important because foods with a high glycemic index dramatically increases the level of sugar that leads to fat accumulation. Studies show that cinnamon is as speeds up metabolism, like hot peppers. This process helps to burn calories while you sleep and, consequently, leads to weight reduction.

A study published in 2012 in the journal International Journal of Preventative Medicine shows that patients with diabetes of the 2nd type who took cinnamon daily, most have lost weight even without changes in dietary habits than the control group taking a placebo.

Cinnamon also slows the passage of food from the stomach into the intestine, thus maintaining a longer feeling of satiety, which also affects weight reduction.

3. Fennel tea

Fennel is a wonderful seasoning with a touch of liquorice (licorice). In addition to the ability to reduce weight, fennel has also other advantages, for example, freshens breath. And in addition, it improves appetite and helps digestion, reduces flatulence, increases quantity of milk for breastfeeding stimulates blood flow to the pelvic organs, purifies and removes toxins from the body, and has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, diuretic, anticancer and antioxidant properties. A lot of work for tiny seedlings!

As for belly fat, then the fennel has no equal in suppressing cravings. It effectively reduces appetite and keeps you feeling of fullness. Besides, fennel speeds up metabolism and helps to break down fats, which the body then transformered into energy.

Very often, the fennel adds a means to reduce weight due to its ability to rid the body of excess fluid and toxins. Another plus: you can reduce morning bags under the eyes, if you put them strong Finchley tea.

4. Tea made from ginseng

Of the three main types of ginseng (each with their own unique properties), only two are true: American ginseng and Panax ginseng (Asian). In General, ginseng is traditionally used to increase energy, boost the immune system and increase life expectancy.

As for weight loss, a study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research Journalshowed that one of the components contained in red ginseng may indeed hinder the accumulation of fat. Another study, published in the same journal, says that the wild ginseng not only reduces weight but also lowers glucose level, another factor to excess weight.

How to choose slimming tea for yourself

You can drink any of these teas individually, or find a ready-made mixes, which include some or all of the above. But not all teas are equally good, so you know what to look for when choosing them.

1. The best option is the tea of organic origin. This means that it is not subjected to treatment with pesticides, which accumulate in your body lead to obesity.

2. Prefer leaf teas – they are better. Loosely Packed bags, too. The tea leaves need to breathe during brewing, releasing more healing properties.+

3. Choose a familiar brand or one that has the recommendation of the naturopath, herbalist or specialist teas.

4. And finally, always store tea in a dark place in a tightly sealed container to preserve its freshness and effectiveness.

Enjoy tea, glancing meanwhile, shrinks your waist!

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