Fat: Three years in prison requested in appeal against the ex-sous-préfète tried for corruption

Dominique-Claire Mallemanche, at the end of 2016 in Nice, with his lawyers F. Binacchi / ANP / 20 Minutes

According to the public ministry, “his short experience in the government has not been beneficial to the general interest it was meant to serve”. Three years of prison have been requested on Wednesday against Dominique-Claire Mallemanche, the former sous-préfète of Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes), judged by the court of appeal of Aix-en-Provence for passive corruption.

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Pierre-Jean Gaury has also claimed against Dominique-Claire Mallemanche, 60 years, a fine of 20,000 euros and the permanent prohibition to exercise any public employment, explaining that”it has no place in any administration.” Requisitions identical to the sentence imposed at first instance in Nice, at the end of 2016.

It would benefit the owner of a luxury hotel

Enarque, former delegate to the project Eurodisney, Dominique-Claire Mallemanche had returned to the administration in 2009 after a long period in the private sector.

She had been appointed as sub-préfète de Grasse in march 2011, and préfète of the Creuse in January 2013. Named “outside the box” in August of this year, she had been indicted in October.

She is suspected of having benefited the owner of a luxury hotel through a prefectoral decree, which facilitated indirectly by its construction operations. Her husband, Jean-Jacques Mallemanche, had seen promise in the same time a commission of 200,000 euros as an intermediary in the sale of the hotel.

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The owner of the hotel, Marcel-Paul Gélabert, sentenced in first instance to two years in prison and a 100,000 euros fine, has since died. A year in prison and a fine of 20,000 euros have been required against the ex-husband of the sous-préfète.

Gifts received from contractors

The court has also examined the perception of benefits and gifts by the sub-préfète. Among these, a party for his son in the nightclubs of Cannes paid by a contractor, Joseph Garelli. It was one of the contributors of a birthday gift for the under-préfète : a violin 7,900 euros.

“It is my failure to be generous. I did not expect anything of it,” explained the head of the company against which it has been required a year in prison and 30,000 euros fine. The phone-tapping show, however, that the sub-préfète had been requested for the issuance of driving licences and information on the current files.

The decision was deliberate to 22 November.