Fatal signs of the Zodiac: who shouldn’t get a second chance

I wonder how the representatives of the zodiacal constellation can be given a chance to correct, and what is not?

Невиправні знаки Зодіаку: кому не можна давати другий шанс

Let’s see, informs Rus.Media.

Not all relationships are perfect. Creating a strong and loving family, loving people are not immune from quarrels, scandals, and even treachery, which often lead to separation. But real feelings cannot be “choke” in itself, and therefore to blame for the parting partners are trying to return the old relationship and ask you to give them a second chance.

Thoughts on a second chance radically different. Some believe that the man who once betrayed her lover, not worthy of forgiveness, whereas others believe that every person can make a mistake and everyone should have the right to a second chance.


All known incredible stubbornness Rams. These people are self-willed and only do what you think is right. Therefore, if Aries is betrayed or makes other unpleasant deed, he did it quite deliberately, knowing the consequences. This person will do the same next time, this is her position in life. Tellingly, you will never be able to accuse Aries of infidelity, even if you meet him in bed with another man. He will always find an excuse, and the result will still accuse you that you yourself have encouraged him to change!


Under the sign of Taurus are born extremely conscientious individual. These people fall in love once and for all, and the least they want to hurt a loved one. If the ward is Venus still betray a loved one or hurt him otherwise, he will suffer from pangs of conscience and admits to cheating. Moreover, if Taurus decides that because of his behavior he is not worthy of a loved one, a representative of the sign itself would say about the breakup. Overall, the Calf can be given a second chance. He will treasure it!


Gemini – unpredictable personality among the entire zodiac brethren, and therefore definitely say whether you can give a second chance to a man is hard enough. It all depends on the depth of feelings experienced by this man. Wards mercury I like variety, so having an affair to them is not uncommon. But if Gemini is truly linked to your partner, he can forgive even such a sin. Yes, and it is all going to prove that second half. But if you got the surface a Twin who thinks only of himself, his indifferent attitude towards you will never change. To forgive such a useless!


Raki – sensitive individuals who love the person and dissolve in it. And in this state about adultery, as a rule, I don’t think. And indeed, those born under the sign of the moon personality value their relationship, and therefore do everything not to disturb the harmony and not to lose family. The only thing you need to know Cancers are very malleable. They can impose their will, they can capture up to such an extent that they lose their head! And in this state the personality of this sign is capable of treason. For such madness Cancer can be very embarrassing in the future, he will never do this, but because second chance does such a person give is definitely worth it.


Leos are very self-willed and not accustomed to deny themselves what they want. No wonder that the surrounding is called Lviv selfish. Representatives of this sign think promiscuous people because they find it difficult to refrain from carnal pleasures, and other sweets, even if they hurt these people’s favorite. Thus the lion is not used to justify, even if his convict of treason. He will only tell my partner to accept the fact of change as a given and to decide whether to accept the behavior of a Lion or break the relationship. In any case, Leo will not change. If for once he would behave in such a way that it will continue in the future.


In the life of a representative of the sign Virgo needs to be in order. And all that may violate this order, including, insults, disregard of the feelings of betrayal and treachery, unacceptable. Therefore, Virgo, who are accustomed to always and everywhere to control your actions, try not to give your partner doubt myself. If they change your loved one, they will blame only themselves and will do anything to make amends and to beg forgiveness. In any case, if you ask the opinion of astrologers, Virgo is the most worthy representative of the zodiacal constellation, which deserves a second chance.


In terms of confidence and ability to give a second chance with Weights all difficult. These people are kind to loved ones, try not to offend them, but their unbridled passion to make love constantly pushing them into someone else’s bed. Libra will never admit to cheating, and even if you bring them to clean water, will find a thousand excuses. Give them at least 10 chances, they will not change, because the passion that is raging inside of them, much stronger than consciousness. You only have to decide: to say goodbye to this man, or to accept it for what it is.


Creating a family, unrestrained and passionate Scorpios have become loyal partners. However, they are capable of treason, because sexual pleasure is something without which can not live the representatives of this sign. Moreover, flirting and intimacy is the best way to attract attention, according to Scorpio. In General, such a partner you will often be accused of cheating, and to stop his adventure do not be anyone else. Give a second chance to this person is useless. His vow he broke, however the next time will be extremely careful from now on not to give the second half of a reason not to trust me.


Sagittarians tend not to cause heartache to your loved one, but to keep yourself from cheating wards of mercury is just not. The thirst for flirting and excitement sometimes capture so much of Archer that he himself doesn’t understand how cheating on your loved one. In justification say that Sagittarius is straightforward and honest man who, after committing a bad deed, admits it is a favorite. He is sincere in his repentance, but even he can’t vouch for what will never betray a loved one. Give a second chance to Sagittarius, of course, possible, but this does not guarantee that cheating will not happen again.


The personality of this sign is the most thorough approach to marriage and the family, and therefore linking his life with the beloved man, they will keep her faithful and to demand to itself the same treatment. Besides intimate component occupies in the life of Capricorn is not the first place that allows him much easier to control their actions. If the Capricorn will commit treason, he will do anything to other half about it never learned. But if treason revealed, they genuinely talk about the motives that led them to this decision, and solemnly promise to mend my ways. Such vows of Capricorn can trust!


Managed Uranium unpredictable personality, and not only to others. They are not always aware of their actions and don’t know what to do in any given situation. Therefore, even solemnly promising that he would not change his beloved, Aquarians can break the word. Anyway, in their lewd deeds of a person of this sign are always greatly regret, even if not talking about it out loud. They really can give a second chance, but to guarantee that cheating will not happen again, can’t Aquarius.


Pisces – sensitive, always put yourself in the place of the opponent, and based on that do things. Naturally, they do not want to hurt loved ones and rarely go to extremes, crossing the line of fidelity. However, they can do an act that would jeopardize the continued existence of the pair. It is important to understand that after any defection Fish suffer from remorse. If they did the guilt, the personality of the sign can and does declare that they are not worthy of a loved one. Such individuals can be given a second chance, they definitely deserve.