Fate on Pat Maroon's side?

Fate on Pat Maroon's side?

EDMONTON | Being in the right place at the right time. This is often how Henri Richard deflected the subject when told about his 11 Stanley Cups in the Canadiens uniform. Obviously, the feat is far from the same. Either way, we'll never see an athlete lift the precious trophy so many times. However, Patrick Maroon could find himself in a rather small group.

Should the Lightning win, the 32-year-old forward would become the seventh player to engrave his name on the Stanley Cup two seasons in a row having worn the colors of two teams.

Another way to be in the right place at the right time for the one who took part in the conquest of the St. Louis Blues, with whom he also joined as a free agent, in June 2019.

“I am living a dream. I've had the chance to be part of very good teams since the start of my career, ”said the American on Saturday, a few hours before the fifth meeting of the final series against the Dallas Stars.

“This is my second appearance in the Stanley Cup final, my second opportunity to win this trophy. There are players who spend 15 years in this league and who maybe only have one chance to win it, ”he continued.

Aware of its role

What is special about Maroon is that we are mainly talking about a support player. An unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2019 playoffs, he had to wait until the end of August to secure a new contract.

When Julien BriseBois hired him, it was to bring the physical dimension that was sorely lacking in his training. Used a little over 12 minutes per game on average, Maroon is often asked to place his big frame in front of the opposing goalkeeper during the Lightning's numerical superiorities.

Friday night, it was precisely where he was when Kevin Shattenkirk gave the victory to the Floridians in overtime, while Jamie Benn was in the dungeon.

“It's part of my philosophy to give players roles and make sure they understand what their contribution to the team is. Pat knows his role. He knows what playing time he will get, described Jon Cooper. He's a great teammate. He has character and that's quite a number! ”

Calm and calm

The only Stanley Cup winner on this team, Maroon refuses to recognize his ancestry in the Lightning locker room.

“Several players here have already reached the final and have participated in some association finals,” he pleaded in this regard.

While Maroon is not wrong (the core of the group losing in the 2015 final is still here), his teammates have a great deal of respect for him.

“When he speaks, all the guys listen to him,” Yanni Gourde said earlier in this final. He brings a lot of leadership to this locker room and he knows how to bring everyone back to calm when needed. The experience he gained last year helps us immensely. ”


  • * Cory Stillman 2004 (Tampa Bay) 2006 (Caroline)
  • Claude Lemieux 1995 (New Jersey) 1996 (Colorado)
  • Al Arbor 1961 (Chicago) 1962 (Toronto)
  • Ed Litzenberger 1961 (Chicago) 1962 (Toronto)
  • Ab McDonald 1960 (Montreal) 1961 (Chicago)
  • Lionel Conacher 1934 (Chicago) 1935 (Maroons)
  • Eddie Gerard 1922 (St. Pats) 1923 (Senators)
  • Eddie Gerard 1921 (Senators) 1922 (St. Pats)

* There was no season in 2005

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