Favorite poet: what I remember the lines of Pushkin in Moscow (VIDEO)



This year Russia is celebrating the 220th anniversary of the birth of poet Alexander Pushkin. He was the reformer of the Russian literary language. Pushkin refused bombastic style and began to use modern colloquial language, for example, the expression “fellow”, “in the spirit”, “this and that”.

Judging by the opinion polls, the most popular among Muscovites Pushkin’s fairy tale. In the second place the novel in verse “Eugene Onegin”, and the third, the poetic collections of Pushkin. Among prose works, the most popular novel “captain’s daughter”. What creations of Alexander Muscovites remember? The image of Pushkin took to the streets, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Sergei Fedorov and together with the passers-by recited all famous lines.