Favorov: Ukrainian gas fields – squeezed lemon

Фаворов: украинские месторождения газа – выжатый лимон

Director integrated gas business he said “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey Favorov said, why is gas production in Ukraine is falling and price is rising. Favorov placed in a relevant publication in your account in social networks.

The expert says that gas production in recent years is at the same level, however, with the technological losses of the produced gas does not reach the consumer.”Today only the lazy does not kick Ukrgasdobycha about the fact that production falls. A must have to grow. Because before, they say, grew. And when Favorova falls. Because he’s for the money, not for domestic gas. I’ll tell you what: I’m for the truth. And the truth is that production is not falling. Falling lies fall registry and blurry eyes. The company holds the production of marketable gas at the level of the last 2 years – and 13.6 billion cubic meters…Look closely. We see the growth of VTV (refers to the production-technological losses – approx. ed.) in 2018 doubled, while the volume of marketable gas has not changed. This suggests that our customers do not have to get more gas. But this is what our main goal is to increase the supply of Ukrainian gas for Ukrainians. And not burn it in the process of production and to report on the implementation of strategic plans”, – says Andrey Favorov.

The representative of “Naftogaz” announced annual production decline of gas on the Ukrainian fields for half a billion cubic meters and compared the fields with a “squeezed lemon.””Six months ago I made a commitment to report on its work to reduce production losses. So, compared to the same period in 2018, we have reduced BTB by 15%. And in 2020 we will reduce more.

Now we finally see the real picture. And like it not all. Because the annual natural production decline in depleted fields, Ukrainian is 1.5 billion cubic meters and make the leap to “Vyatich lemons” actually did not work even two years ago, neither now nor in the past, the curator, nor with the current. To sum up. If you stop and do nothing – the production of marketable gas will actually fall. Today the team of the subsidiary is working to maximize the volume of real gas, and not virtual, on paper. This will continue,” – says said.

As previously reported, “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has accused Germany in the destruction of the Ukrainian economy.Elena Klimenko

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