FAZ: attack on sovereignty and a fatal signal in Germany criticized the US sanctions against the “Nord stream — 2”

The United States intends to impose strict sanctions against European companies involved in the construction of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, reports the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine. Such punitive measures will be a “direct attack” on the sovereignty of Europe and the fatal signal for the peace efforts of the Paris summit, said the head of the Eastern Committee of German economy Oliver Hermes. He warned that such sanctions could seriously damage transatlantic relations.

FAZ: атака на суверенитет и фатальный сигнал — в Германии критикуют санкции США против «Северного потока — 2»

ReutersСША decided to take the turnover of the companies involved in the project “Northern stream — 2”, reports the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine. The construction of the pipeline is to be completed but now the new law should actually prevent related firms to do business in America.

Now, when to complete the construction of “Nord stream — 2” there are very few, the project can face sanctions from the United States. American senators of both parties managed to integrate the presented in the summer of the sanctions law in a draft defense budget (National Defense Authorization Act). This means that the law on sanctions will be accepted, says the publication. The authors of the law say that punitive measures will be aimed and devastating, and they will be directed against companies that facilitate the laying of the Russian pipeline.

According to German Newspapers, the law can be adopted before Christmas, and the signature Donald trump will give it legal force. Over time can develop a competition. The law is aimed, first and foremost, the ship on which the welded pipe. According to estimates of professionals, still need six to eight weeks to complete the gas pipeline. The speed of execution is affected by the weather on the Baltic sea.

If American law will come into force before Christmas, within 30 days thereafter, will provide a preferential reprieve. During this period, project-related firms will be allowed to complete the work. It is not clear whether it will protect the final stage of the pipeline in legal terms. The company Allseas, vessel, which will affect sanctions, said that is not involved in speculative reasoning.

As noted by Frankfurter Allgemeine, in fact the sanctions will deprive the company of the ability to conduct business in the US, where it has a subsidiary in the field of engineering. If Allseas in advance will stop working, Gazprom will have to find a new ship. This can lead to delays in project completion, but will not be able to discourage him, according to the article. The Ministry of economy of Germany stated that the German government does not recognize the sanctions having extraterritorial effects.

In Germany closely watch developments, but the government has not yet made any official statements about its position. Meanwhile, the Eastern Committee of German economy has made a sharp criticism of punitive measures. “If it comes to these sanctions, it will be a direct attack on the sovereignty of the European Union and a fatal signal for the Paris peace efforts”, — stressed the Committee’s Chairman, Oliver Hermes.

“The EU has all permits required to complete the “Nord stream — 2″, has enacted regulation for operation. Attempt to influence the American side would have been more than unfriendly act, it would have significantly damaged the transatlantic relationship, built on mutual respect,” warns Hermes.

The us government has for many years struggling with the Russian gas pipeline, the newspaper reminds. The US argue that the fact that Germany is dependent on Russia, and the pipeline hurts Ukraine and Vladimir Putin provides billions of dollars of income “for his aggressive world policy.”

At the same time, aimed primarily against Germany rhetoric in connection with the “Nord stream” has softened. Obviously, the United States took note of the efforts of the German government to mediate in the Ukrainian conflict and protect the country from financial losses, and concludes the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

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