FAZ: Nord Stream 2 becoming nebezpeku for Wrapi

FAZ: Nord Stream 2 становить небезпеку для Європи

Truboprovod on the bottom of the sea Baltijskogo nes a’na koryst for Nimechchini the Russian, however for Wrapi VIN becoming nebezpeku.We are talking about TSE at nemeckomu widen article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The author of the material native DV reason, chomu NGF Chancellor Angela Merkel Patria new construction the Nord Stream pipeline 2 z Russie to Nimechchini. Persha: NGF ottima prybutok, if rosiysky gas bude nahodite to Wrapi not through Ukraine, and through the Mecklenburg-front Pomerania. We are talking about transit zbori, robots msca, potent rinku toscho.

Another reason strategy: Russie potribni partners. If Єvropa vdovets from the project, Putnu dovedetsja pokladalosya China, consequently Zahid vtrace whether yaky vpliv to Moscow.

At the same hour, visna the author, Merkel know th argument against Nord Stream 2. Won usual scho Mauger Novi Gazon vitsit ukraïnsku GTS s rinku. TL Krajina vzhe th so vaico Patera from rosijskogo morganna on Shad, we are talking at the article. Now I zagrozu shte th vtrata mlatv Euro from tranzitnyj between Zboriv. Vodnochas, without transit Ukraine purple in Stratego nebezpeku, after “Rosiya in this case could b vatica to escalat wine not rizikuoti ruynuvan so eksportno arter”, – written by the author.

Nord Stream 2 mayzhe completions, about commentator, nagabuchi scho tsogo tyzhden Denmark Nadal sviy dosul on new construction in a teritoralna waters.

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