FBI declassified documents about the possible escape of Hitler to Argentina

ФБР США рассекретило документы о возможном бегстве Гитлера в Аргентину

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) has declassified documents about the possible secret flight of the head of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler in Germany in 1945, according to Argumenti.ru.

Documents published on the Agency’s website. According to them, in 1945, the FBI considered the version about the escape of Hitler to Argentina. In particular, one of the Agency staff reported that the Fuhrer fled to the South American country on a submarine and then lived there on the ranch.

The paper also argues that information about the flight of Hitler gave the head of the FBI Edgar Hoover (at that time headed the Agency), however, he found the information incomplete and decided not to track down the Fuhrer.

Earlier, United States National archives and documentation Richard Schneider digitized unique pictures of the leader of the Third Reich. During this work he discovered a previously unknown images of Hitler. The number of rare cards – the Dating back to 1923. It depicted Hitler with a German shepherd.