FBI warns of misinformation in US presidential election

FBI warns of misinformation in US presidential election

The FBI and the U.S. cybersecurity agency warned Tuesday of possible disinformation campaigns, fueled by a slower vote count this year, aimed at discrediting the November 3 presidential election results.

“Foreign actors and cybercriminals could create new websites, change existing sites, and create or share content related (to these sites) on social networks in order to spread false information”, at the time of the election have warned the FBI and the US cybersecurity agency in a statement.

Such actions would be aimed at discrediting the electoral process and eroding public confidence in democratic institutions, they say.

The US authorities expect an increased use of postal voting, which would lengthen the counting times and could prevent a result from being known for several days.

This latency could be used by malicious actors to spread misinformation about electoral fraud, or hacked voting infrastructure, in order to “convince the public of the illegitimacy of the election”.

The FBI and the US cybersecurity agency therefore call on voters to check the sources of the information they consult and to report to the authorities any suspected disinformation operations.

Studies and social media giants have already said they have detected numerous efforts to question the reliability of the election.

Donald Trump himself regularly questions the reliability of postal voting, a popular and proven method in the United States, and crucial in times of health crisis.

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