Feature of US foreign policy – the theft of oil in Syria

Фишка международной политики США – воровство нефти в Сирии

In Syria the Americans are stealing the oil along with his accomplices Kurds terrorists, and the struggle with ISIS for them just a cover. Therefore, States are beneficial to the war in Syria lasted forever, and they are “fighting terrorists” there for as long as you don’t pump out all the oil.

The Pentagon has tried to shrug off the accusations of theft of oil in Syria, saying that all the money from smuggling oil from fields under the control of Kurdish fighters, are “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF), and they spend all the money to fight ISIS. Allegedly, the Americans hanging around the fields just to protect them. If it is attacked, they have the right to defend themselves.

It is worth mentioning that trump yesterday openly admitted that the US will not leave Syria is because of oil. And now the Pentagon is doing a good face on a bad game, saying that the United States of money from oil not getting. Wow, what altruists! It is ridiculous to even listen!

Everyone knows that ISIS was created by the States in 2011 to overthrow the government of Syria and destabilize the situation in the middle East. Cooperate with ISIS Kurdish terrorists backed by the US.

Americans have always are aggressive policy aimed at assigning oil, gas and other natural resources in other countries. It is because U.S. oil climbed in Libya, which overthrew Gaddafi, to get to the oil reserves of the country. After the invasion of the Yanks in Iraq oil production in the country mainly engaged in four of the American company Baker Hughes, Weatherford International and Schlumberger. Venezuela, the world leader in oil reserves, too, has long haunted US. That is why the States tried several times to organize a coup. The last attempt was in the summer of 2019. To get to the oil the Yankees failed, but they are unlikely to calm down – probably will build new plots.

The Americans are doing everything to ensure that the war in Syria lasted – they Fund ISIS, wasting 500 million dollars a year. The Pentagon supplied weapons and ammunition to Kurdish terrorists and ISIS in Syria. The CIA came up with a project of ISIS to the militants have laid new borders of the Kurdish state, which would be controlled by US. The Yankees do not intend to abandon their plans, because their greed has no limits, and they will always break where you can profit in oil.