Features buying a car on the web ad

Pitfalls when buying a car on Craigslist the Network enough.

Особливості купівлі автомобіля по оголошенню в Мережі

Who’s the boss

Most motorists don’t want to mess with the dealers, and quite rightly so: the fence to feed the legs and reaction speed. He has everything under control: have access to all public and paid databases, customized instant messages. All delicious and cheap options from the owner to go immediately, and it should be understood, informs Rus.Media.

Interestingly, on many sites, free ads moderation lasts half an hour, while pay aggregators, the ad appears on the website immediately and without your knowledge. Only you decided to call the seller, and the car is already sold!

Sell cheaper, buy more expensive

If you study the cheapest options in the databases, we can notice another interesting thing: the phone numbers left under such advertisements reach unrealistic. Often you will hear a beeping Fax, long beeps, or Vice versa, the room will be occupied. Be aware that this is a fake ads that are placed deliberately to mislead honest sellers: having examined the “similar” suggestions on the market, they will most likely voluntarily throw off the price to make their cars go faster. Middleman will be here.

Also, the fake ads can be an occasion for a real bargain. So, found this game, keep in mind that this can and should complain to the site administration.

Bargaining only on the hood

If the model is already selected, even those that cost a few above others, is worthy of attention. Hanging until the announcement a day or two, the seller is unlikely to be traded, but a week and a half is a good reason for bargaining. But if the car can’t sell for months, then that should give you an idea that something is wrong.

Pictures will tell a lot

On auto you can see from these photos. Example: four images of the car from one angle. Maybe you are trying to hide something, so you came and looked at the car, and before you know it, and will persuade you?

If the court of winter, and the car in the pictures is surrounded by greenery and Vice versa, it is also an occasion to reflect. Most often, a clear pictures of the machine are made for sale, and if it has not sold since that time, it means that something may be wrong.

The scenery around the car is also worthy of attention. Well, when it’s a Parking lot or yard. Call the question has the sign “Car” in the background: maybe the car restored after an accident, or maybe the owner himself works there, then almost certainly the price will be slightly higher.

There is everything!

A little trick that works in many cases. Before you dial the number of the owner of the car, is to drive these numbers in the string search engine. Sometimes reveals interesting details. For example, that the vehicle you want to buy, sell a long time, and you’ll see an ad with the old date and a different price. Or that ads with this phone number a few, then, most likely, before you middleman, and therefore a good result is unlikely. Finally, sometimes the number of the seller is the announcement six months ago in some automotive community: “Buy the headlamp, radiators, bonnet on this model.” Yes, just the one that you like. Everything just falls into place.

The correct order

Особливості купівлі автомобіля по оголошенню в Мережі

Civility is the key to the normal communication, and buying and selling cars is no exception. In fact a benevolent person is much nicer to drop the price, and about the history of the car in case you are going to tell a little bit, but honestly. But just in case, shaking hands with the seller, you should not immediately say that you are on the “same dark blue, the author of this article megano”. No, you about the car, and if the seller asked: “What?”, – that is again a reason to be careful.

A good sign in a conversation – the seller himself happily talks about life favorite car: where bought, how served, where it’s been, how many owners indicated in the title, how many travel miles. Well, if the machine is removed from the register and in the rooms, so they still use. And if she had been in the garage and waiting for a buyer, then it is possible that soon you will face serious damage, which the owner knows, but he just doesn’t want to tempt fate.

Extended validation

Особливості купівлі автомобіля по оголошенню в Мережі

Private pay services can not only collect the most important facts from the life of the car in a single report, but also to help you learn other important details. For example, do not work your future machine in a taxi, twisted or just too blatantly mileage (time dealers to scheduled maintenance record odometer readings, and then suddenly it turns out that the mileage of the car less than a year ago). Also, if you’re lucky, from such databases it is possible to learn about the large damages which were eliminated not from a dealer, third-party stations.