February 12 – feast of the Three saints: tradition, rites and signs

Today we need to plan for the future, and they will come true!

12 лютого – Свято Трьох святих: традиції, обряди та прикмети

February 12, Orthodox Christians celebrate the feast of three Saints. According to popular calendar date is called Trehtsvetie, Vasiliev day, informs Rus.Media.

What is this holiday?

The Cathedral is a festival dedicated to the Ecumenical teachers Basil the Great, John Chrysostom and Gregory the theologian. When in Constantinople, went the argument, who was the first father of the Church, they all appeared to the Metropolitan and said before God equal, the holiday should be shared (it is in another family called the feast of Holiness).

The rituals and traditions of this day

On 12 February, the Rus had prepared the game, filling it with various toppings and nice decorating, covered with a generous Desk and called the hotel. But to hunt that day was strictly forbidden, so as to walk in the woods should not be.

There are beasts begin to play wedding, to divide the territory, to arrange matches, where the strongest wins. At this time they are especially aggressive.

According to ancient tradition, all the old shoes that they already are not, it is necessary to put the door. Believed then the next year none of the households will not quarrel, and all the disorder is easily solved.

This day and a few prohibitions:

• It is strictly forbidden to knit, sew and embroider, spin yarn and washable.

• Do not show anger and jealousy.

• Try with anybody not to quarrel. But if a quarrel occurred, then immediately get right, otherwise then this man will quarrel all year.

Safely build plans tonight, they are destined to come true

12 лютого – Свято Трьох святих: традиції, обряди та прикмети

Our ancestors in the day of three Saints were making plans for the future, believe that our plans will certainly be realized.

In fact it is a very good tradition. All of us need periodically not only to view things and throw away unnecessary, but also analyze their way of life, to think, that it is superfluous and what is missing.

In other words, you need to plan your life. But how to do it properly to ensure that plans were implemented and not remain a dead weight?

Here are some useful tips on how to put a proper goal in order to achieve it:

1. Your intentions should be measured. No need to plan a Grand change, such as “Monday will begin to live a new life”. Purpose or abuse of the separate stages, each of which allot a certain time for execution.

For example, do not plan for a year to master a foreign language, and put to start two small goals to start studying the tutorial and sign up for language courses.

2. Always with the more serious cases, plan something nice – a small journey, the dream for years; desired purchase; a fascinating hobby, if previously he had not found the time.

3. Never set goals relating to personal life, their planned implementation is almost impossible. For example, it is impossible to plan the wedding, even if you have been Dating a guy if he is not going to make you an offer hands and hearts.

4. Don’t plan those goals, the implementation of which depends not only on you. For example, if you want to start some business with friends, but they will not support you, will be upset and feel a failure from the fact that the plan is not implemented.

5. Don’t change all areas in your life – and living conditions, and health, and work. Often, putting so many targets, it is not possible to achieve any.

Start, for example, with health, change diet, get enough exercise. When you retract, you can schedule and something to do with the work, find an additional source of income. And then you can do repairs in the apartment.

And yet, do not put everyone around you aware of their plans, of necessity can only share with the family. But when you reach goals, your success will become for many a pleasant surprise.

Folk omens

Strong winds on 12 February, heralds a dark and damp year.

If today the sun is hidden behind clouds, be prepared for a snow storm.