February 13 – the day of St. Nikita, Nikita of Novgorod: traditions, rituals and superstitions

The most difficult day of the year. How to use it to your benefit?

13 лютого – день Святого Микити, Микита Новгородський: традиції, обряди та прикмети

On February 13 Orthodox saints, Nikita, Bishop of Novgorod. According to popular calendar date is called Nikita-the fireman, the guardian of lightning, informs Rus.Media.

Who is the Saint Nikita?

Nikita lived in XI-XII centuries and was originally from Kiev. At an early age went to the gate of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery. But during the seclusion succumbed to the temptation, refused to learn the gospel, have ceased to pray and have memorized the entire old Testament.

But the Abbot with the monks of constant prayer were expelled from Nikita the devil. After that, he began to lead a humble, pure life, with obedience and abstinence as virtues even have surpassed them all.

In 1096 he was appointed Bishop of Novgorod in the Department. Died in 1108, his incorrupt relics lie in the main temple of Veliky Novgorod – St. Sophia Cathedral.

Nikita people pray to keep them from falling lightning, and homes from fires, as a Saint is considered a protector against the fire element.

The rituals and traditions of this day

According to popular belief, February 13 in the evening better without the need not to leave the house, at this time are strong the evil eye and spoilage.

According to popular belief, February 13 is the most difficult day of the year. Today it can be very hard someone to fight and be enemies for life.

But this day can be used for the benefit of the family, for example, women whose men to other women go. It is necessary to hold the rite on their divorce, lovers quarrel and will never be together.

However, keep in mind to hold rituals in that case, if the feelings of the wife against the husband before this time remain sincere.

When the couple has long been in disorder, and my husband really fell in love with another woman, the lapel may have negative consequences for the surrounding fire.

13 лютого – день Святого Микити, Микита Новгородський: традиції, обряди та прикмети

Ritual with a pin

Buy a new pin and pin in an inconspicuous place on the item of the husband, which he wears most often. When you read the words Dorota:

“GOSTINICA the his you servant of God (name of husband) everywhere abide, and I in his return brigades. From fornication and temptation keep him safe, and me to return her husband’s help. So I was faithful always, and to others had not gone. Let mistress damn he runs away, and go no more into the habit. Let peace and joy with anyone except me, does not feel. Strong my prayers, like a stone block, and remove them does not. Amen.”

Ritual with a candle

Buy a candle and light it at midnight, standing near the window and maximize the focus on hatred of the opponent. Now read the words Dorota:

“You, candle, burn, burn. And from my husband’s mistress forever valachi. His passion and love for her take and put it out. Until the end of the top, top, and forever separate them.”

The candle should burn out before the end and the whole time repeat a plot. Extinguish the candle and leave in a secluded place.

The effect will be maximum, if you will purchase the candle purple. The effect of the ritual will durable. Among the entire magic paraphernalia items purple are considered razlichnimi.

Folk omens

If 13 Feb crows and jackdaws continuously shouted, then wait for the snow and possibly a snow storm.

Watch the sparrows, if they are around the coops actively feathers and down harvested for warming their shelters, then coming extreme cold.