February 14 – Valentine’s day: traditions and folk superstitions

How to know whether you are destined to be happy in love?

14 лютого – день Святого Валентина: традиції та народні прикмети

On 14 February all over the world celebrate the holiday of lovers – St. Valentine’s day, informs Rus.Media.

Who is Saint Valentine?

Valentine lived in the third century, served as a field doctor and a priest. One cruel Emperor Claudius thought that men, who have no wife and children will be much better to fight. He issued a ban on marriage. Valentine a sympathetic attitude to the young lovers and the night secretly sanctified their marriages.

On a night when his acts recognized the power, Valentine was thrown into prison and sentenced to death. Before his death he wrote a letter to his girlfriend on a piece of paper in the form of a heart. The girl read a love letter after February 14 of the year 269, Valentine was executed.

Traditions of this day

Now this date is celebrated in many countries as Valentine’s day.

The main tradition is to give each other words of love are written on small cards in the shape of a heart “Valentines”. Also, lovers exchange gifts, which is best done with your hands, putting a piece of soul. It can be any Souvenirs, embroidery, paintings on the theme of love.

Definitely having a romantic dinner, the table should be at least one dish in the form of a heart (salad, pie or dessert).

Find out today, waiting for you good luck in love Affairs

Only love can give people positive emotions needed for a meaningful existence. In the childhood of love and affection we give parents, in adulthood they become insufficient.

For a normal life necessarily need the energy exchange between a man and a woman. After all, the loneliness will sooner or later impact on health, the psyche, in work.

But what to do if you have not yet found their soul mate and no one with whom to celebrate Valentine’s day? Then we need to understand why in your personal life you are haunted by the failure.

Baby ban

One of the main reasons lies in the fact that parents do not teach a child to communicate with the opposite sex. They did it with the best of intentions, to protect children from early sexual relations, pregnancy, marriage.

If you are still on a subconscious level, stay away from men, then its only to wait a very long time.

Me urgent, forget about children’s inhibitions and feel like a grown woman, I more often in crowded places, do not be afraid to meet men.

14 лютого – день Святого Валентина: традиції та народні прикмети

A dislike to her

The second reason may be that you underestimate yourself. The little child loved by his parents was a bad student in school, guys didn’t pay attention – all this formed a dislike to her. You hardly even look in the mirror and do not indulge yourself with beautiful clothes?

Corrected before it’s too late. Go to the hairdresser, beautician, gym and shopping for new dresses. Visit exhibitions, cinema, museums and theatres. Increase your intelligence, sign up for foreign language courses. Love yourself, and you will definitely fall in love with someone else.

The fear of new love

Tough divorce or relationship went wrong, and not ending with a wedding, often cause the fear of new love. It seems that all men are the same, and you’re afraid to be disappointed again.

Do not think so, all people are completely different. Analyze previous novel and make mistakes. Throw away all the past memories, but this page is turned over. Open yourself to the new feelings, because to live without love is monotonous and boring.

Negative mood

Often, a woman complains of lack of privacy, yearns for love, but at the next meeting in advance confident in a negative result. Of course, when my head is swarming just negative thoughts, you will be doomed to loneliness.

After all, you are programming yourself for defeat, mentally producing destructive energy.

Work with your thoughts, tune in positive and good luck, be confident of success and will definitely find your chosen one.

Folk omens

On the night of 14 February look at the sky, if it is filled with stars, then spring will come later.

And if today the whole day and it is snowing harder in the spring, I shed a lot of rain.