February 14 – Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s day)

Valentine’s day is a very unusual and romantic holiday, when lovers get another chance to tell each other about their love and give nice gifts. Although this festival is celebrated in almost all countries, very few people know where did this holiday and how it is celebrated in different countries.

 14 лютого - День святого Валентина (день закоханих)

The story of the Valentine’s Day holiday

More than 16 centuries, the Day of St. Valentine. It appeared not just as the beginning of the entire Christian Church was a priest named Valentine who lived in one of the small towns of the Roman Empire. In that period ruled Rome cruel and ambitious Emperor Claudius II. Most of all he sought to expand the borders of their state, so in the first place worried that during the battle the soldiers thought of nothing else as the victory of a great Emperor. To the soldiers not to think about his family and his children, the Emperor decided to ban the legionaries to marry, what issued the order.

However, the Emperor’s decision had no impact on the soldiers, they, as before, fall in love with girls, and she wanted to start a family. The priest Valentine was the only one who has agreed under a terrible secret to marry young. Alternatively he could instruct the transmission of a love letter or gift. When the deeds of Valentine became known to the Emperor, he was seriously angry and sentenced the unfortunate to death. While the priest was sitting in prison in one of the chambers, he met a cute girl, which turned out to be the daughter of his jailer. The day was scheduled for execution, Valentine decided to write your beloved a letter with a confession and signed it with his name “Your Valentine.” The girl was able to read it only after her lover was executed. The Catholic Church decided to canonize Valentine as a Martyr who died defending his faith in love and protecting her. 200 years after the tragic events of Pope Gelasius II has announced that February 14 will be considered as Valentine’s Day. Since this winter day is almost here, spring, my beloved congratulate each other on the holiday and declare their love.


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