February 15 – international day of children with cancer

This date first appeared in the calendar in 2001 at the initiative of world Confederation of parents of children with cancer (ICCCPO).

15 лютого - Міжнародний день дітей, хворих на рак

Today is the Day of children with cancer, is held in more than 40 countries under the patronage of the International society of pediatric Oncology. According to medical statistics, the world each year about 200 thousand children get cancer, half of them die. The key to successful cancer treatment is timely diagnosis. If the disease is detected on the first or second stages, treatment often leads to a favorable outcome. However, a tenth of cancer cases is revealed only at the third stage, and eight percent of children are diagnosed only in the fourth stage. The difficulty lies in the fact that forms of cancer a lot — about 200, and the disease can start in almost any organ. Children most often affects leukemia, or blood cancer.

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