February 9 – the day of St. John Chrysostom: the traditions, rites and signs

Why today, according to tradition, light the fire in the house?

9 лютого – день Іоанна Златоуста: традиції, обряди та прикмети

February 9, Orthodox Christians remember one of the most revered saints of the archbishops of St. John Chrysostom. According to popular calendar date, the name of Chrysostom’s day, informs Rus.Media.

Who is John Chrysostom?

Ivan was born in the IV century, in Antioch in the family official. Shortly after his birth his father died, and mother was completely devoted to the spiritual education of his son. After her death, John became a monk, and soon retired to the desert. I spent four years, another two in complete silence in the cave.

Then he returned to Antioch, where for twenty years he served as a priest and later Archbishop of Constantinople. To the Saint in prayer asking for help when it comes to despair, people can not find their place in life. Also ask for help in spiritual self-development, and to give the family well-being.

The rituals and traditions of this day

By long tradition, Ivan Zlatoust have to cook dinner which consists of rice porridge, fruit compote and open pies with cabbage, mushrooms, meat or fish.

If the weather allows, some of the cooked food must be attributed to the cemetery to put on the graves of the dead, or to distribute in the Church to the poor.

For centuries, there was a sign, February 9 no one anything. A gift would break, tear or deteriorate, and since the recipient and donor may happen.

Light up today in a house fire

To the family always reigned abundance, prosperity and peace, Ivan Zlatoust made to glorify the furnace and the fire, they were considered our ancestors centre of the housing and a symbol of home comfort.

In the winter months when the days are short, and on the street frost and snowstorm in the furnace fire was replaced by people healing sunlight.

9 Feb to ignite fire in the stove firewood stacked in a special way, so that together illuminate all Pauline.

If you succeed to flash fire, so here lives a happy family, a year for all households to be successful, the house will be prosperity, joy and health, and in the fields in summer fertility.

According to popular belief, this day of Chrysostom the fire was able to cure all ills.

The patient should be connected to the furnace, so he sat by the fire, looked at him, and three times to himself lamented the prayer “our father”. A fiery warmth fills body, will banish all disease and soon people will get better.

9 лютого – день Іоанна Златоуста: традиції, обряди та прикмети

So, don’t forget the melt furnace or fireplace.

In this note, as will ignite the wood, in this case the people have their signs:

• If the fire flares up brightly and quickly, and soon the house will come to visit.

• When the flame slowly engaged, so his evil spirits interfere with ignition. To get rid of them, if put in a furnace with a crowbar perpendicular to the grate bars, forming a cross.

Now look at the fire in a furnace or fireplace:

1. If in the furnace of sparks, wait for the news.

2. The flames torn into the pipe, wait for family quarrels or the weather bad weather.

3. If the fire is burning on the one hand, it means that the house will soon be a wedding.

4. When the wood crackling, it is necessary to wait for a strong cold snap.

5. When pahoran wood furnace, please note, which is formed fly ash. If it has a rounded shape, it means that the house will soon have a baby, and if oblong, it is dead.

6. When from the chimney into the furnace pours soot in the family expected to be in big trouble.

Our ancestors from ancient times gave the fire supernatural powers, the main of which – cleansing.

If the house has no furnace or fireplace, light at least a candle. They always tune in a positive way, the flame calms, family, everything will be peacefully, without quarrels and scandals. When the house is burning candles, no one will want to quarrel and sort things out.

Folk omens

If Ivan Zlatoust snow mounds for land falls, so the year would be a generous harvest.

Let’s see how today the sky floating clouds. If against the wind, wait for a heavy snowfall.