Fed: Stabilini can contribute to financial stability

ФРС США: Стейблкоины могут содействовать финансовой стабильности

In its recent report, the fed said that stabilini, pegged to the us dollar, can contribute to financial stability.

The fed believes that stabilini tied to the U.S. dollar, may become a new tool for payments and complement the existing payment system.

The US Central Bank stressed the need to regulate tablconv, stating also that poorly designed stablon may pose a threat to financial stability.

Further, the fed says that issuers and operators tablconv must manage risk so that the users have not lost confidence in them and not resorted to mass withdrawal of their funds.

In its statement, the fed also warns that poor regulation tablconv can have unforeseen consequences for economic stability. At the same time, the controller indicates that the operators of such coins must do everything to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and other criminal activities.

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