Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan has nominated the candidate

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Peter Korolev


Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan has nominated its presidential candidate. He was a former member of Parliament Amangeldy Taspikhov. With details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Vitaly Popov.

Married, father of two children. Taspihov had to work and the head settlement of the district, and as an engineer in manufacturing, and Deputy in both houses of Parliament. Indifferent to sports, he recently opened in Uralsk new training complex.

A healthy spirit of competition from the sport moved into politics to the presidential race the candidate of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan is suitable determined.

“Special elections, this campaign. First, this election is not involved the President. For the first time. In all other elections, the competition was not special, because the President is the head of state, his firm authority. The rest won’t even remember,” – said Taspihov.

Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan has offices in all regions of the country and covers 22 industry organizations. It has more than two million of people – 15% of the electorate. Their main task – to draw attention to the problems of the workers.

“Unions today are not opponents. Today we are partners on implementation of the tasks set by the President. We will talk about what is needed today is a social unit, questions aimed at the working man” – said the Deputy Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan Yegor Kappel.

The Federation of trade unions nominates its first presidential candidate. In addition to the Amangeldy Taspihov for discussion shall be submitted the candidacy of Mukhtar tinikeev, former Deputy of the Parliament of Kazakhstan. But he recused himself because of the language barrier. Knowledge of the state language is one of the prerequisites for presidential candidates in Kazakhstan.

Nomination of candidates will end on the 28th of April. The extraordinary presidential elections held on 9 June.