Feeling better: certified appliance, reduces migraine pain

It can be used anywhere!

Вже не болить: сертифікований прилад, що зменшує болі при мігрені

New device use the magnetic pulses may help to manage migraine for patients who are unable for whatever reason to take drugs, reports Rus.Media.

The FDA, the Federal Agency of the USA on control over products and medicines has already certified the device, eNeura SpringTMS, based on the method of single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (sTMS).

Вже не болить: сертифікований прилад, що зменшує болі при мігрені

The device has two handles and a small screen, weighs just three pounds, it can be used almost anywhere.

“The brain of a person suffering from migraine, you’ll be gperiodic, says Dr. Amaal Starling, neurologist, associate Professor at the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. – Our device reduces the excitation and thereby ease the pain”

The efficiency of the device was tested on 263 volunteers aged 18 to 65 years. All participants, from time to time migraine sufferers are taught to use the devices – so they can apply it yourself at home. After three months, study participants were asked about frequency and intensity of attacks. In the end, 46% of volunteers who used the device said that the migraines happened twice less than before the use of the instrument.

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