Felix Robert wants to continue to foil predictions

Félix Robert veut continuer de déjouer les pronostics

The attacker of the Phoenix of Sherbrooke Felix Robert defied the odds. Cut to 17 years of age, he has climbed the ranks to earn a nomination as the outstanding player in the QMJHL this season. Now that his last season as a junior was abruptly brought to an end, Robert is hoping that an NHL team will make him a sign.

The centre player of 20 years had collected 92 points in 46 meetings prior to the cancellation of the season, which puts him in the fourth rank of the pointers of the QMJHL. His average of two points per game was the second best in the circuit behind a certain Alexis Lafrenière (2,15).

Nothing, however, seemed to indicate that the native of Lambton would be one of the best pointers in Canada a few years ago.

Of the school to the QMJHL

Never drafted, had Robert played season 16 at school level, with the Académie St-Louis, and then had been invited, the following season, the training camp of the Phoenix where it was very well done, but not enough to carve out a place with the team of Stéphane Julien.

The Phoenix had then returned to the college level, with the Cougars Champlain College, but had been recalled a few times. After the Holiday season, the Phoenix had decided to offer him a place with the team to end the season.

“The first thing he asked me when he was recalled to the Holidays, this is how it could improve. All players ask this question, but 10 % will actually do it. Every day, Felix was extra and spoke with our fitness coach. There is no secret that the success he has right now is the fruit of his efforts. “

A pro contract ?

Robert then became a staple of the Phoenix. The coach ensures that NHL teams are informed about his fiery attacker for the purpose possible to offer him a contract.

“Obviously his size (5 feet 8, and 175 lbs.) made it so that teams don’t want to talk about it. By contrast, when he faced big defenders, it does not appear at all.[…] If he gets a chance to play professionally, this is a guy who can surprise. I’m sure it will find its place somewhere “, says he, adding understand the comparisons of style with Brendan Gallagher.

Robert does not hide that it is a goal for him. “My goal is to break into the hockey in north america. However, the biggest part of the season still to play, and I want to concentrate on the team. If one wins, he will achieve great things afterwards. “

For the moment, Robert is enrolled in at the Eagles blue of the University of Moncton for the upcoming season.

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