Feng Shui forecast by Natalia Pravdina April 2018!

Фэн-шуй прогноз Натальи Правдиной на апрель 2018 года!

2018 Yellow Dogs not very well with the April mood.

It is rather quiet period, but on the other hand, Yellow Dog aims to help people to gain what they so longed to find. For some, it may be money, and for someone to love. Priorities are different, but each in April 2018 should be lucky in their own way.

Natalia Pravdina is a specialist in the field of Feng Shui and Eastern forecasts. Her tips will help you transform your life and escape from problems, saving a fortune in all areas.

Finance and work in April.

Money matters it is better not to pause if you have chosen this area a priority. If you are planning any very important cases in this period, it is better not do this. Anyway, but the excitement and dynamics can play a cruel joke with you now.

Better to plan ahead. This applies to the work, and spending money. Purchases must be planned, because it is important to consider the purchase of something worthwhile, something big and important.

Particularly relevant to budget planning will be for those who have already managed to start a family. If you live alone, you can act more freely.

The work is also going to depend on the presence or absence of colleagues. If you are a freelancer and do not work on the boss, then in April you can work at your own pace, but if you depend on someone else and work in a team, then everything changes. You’ll need a lot of attention and responsibility.

Love and relationships.

This month special luck will give you a creative approach to love. Feel free to do as you never did. If you are in a relationship, then spend a memorable weekend. If you are looking for, try to use ingenuity and unorthodox methods of Dating. It is believed that April 2018 will be a month of Dating on the Internet.

In General, the people with each other will begin to get along a little better, so to make new friends and to establish contacts with colleagues should be easy. Problems expect only those who want to combine work and love. Chasing two hares, you will not be able to catch one. Don’t overestimate yourself in any case.

Avoid jealousy, which would be extremely detrimental to you and your relationship. This applies to friendship and to love. Do not think that everything and everyone belong to you. Jealousy same if people think sensibly. Don’t judge those who love and respect.

Фэн-шуй прогноз Натальи Правдиной на апрель 2018 года!

Mood and health.

Sports will definitely benefit anyone who has no contraindications. The mood will depend on how busy you are. If you think that idleness and laziness will help you to relax, then you are deeply mistaken. Your experiences will emerge, your thoughts will be clouded. Work and love will help you to escape from the deep emotions, to overcome fear and stiffness generated by the “winter hibernation”.

Few will be able to succeed in everything at once, so you will need to try as best you can, if you will face multiple problems in different areas of life.

Take, finally, at home with themselves, their appearance. If you have something you have long put off until better times, here they are, these times. They came because April is a month of adjustment, the month of transformation. As for health, it is better not to postpone visit to the doctor. On the other hand, also has an important caution, because the doctors can impose unnecessary treatment. Listen to several opinions, not one.

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