Ferrier is overtaken by events

Ferrier is overtaken by events

The Quebecer who allegedly sent a poisoned letter to the White House is “overwhelmed by the events” surrounding her arrest, according to the lawyer who was appointed to represent her.

“The last few days have been a bit crazy. A lot of things are happening for her at the moment, ”said Fonda Kubiak, the lawyer who was assigned to Pascale Ferrier on Wednesday.

Ferrier is overtaken by events

Photo courtesy Fonda Kubiak

This 53-year-old woman from Longueuil reportedly recently sent an envelope containing ricin to the attention of Donald Trump.

It is a natural poison, potentially fatal on inhalation, and without an antidote.

Ferrier, a Quebecer of French origin has been detained in Buffalo, New York since her arrest on Sunday. On Tuesday, she was accused of threatening the President of the United States. The maximum penalty for such a crime is 5 years in prison.

“Depending on the judge's decision, she could probably be moved to Washington, DC. There, she could face other charges, ”explained Mr. Kubiak. She will not know more until her next appearance, scheduled for Monday.

Money problems

If she is to stand trial in Washington, another lawyer for the Federal Public Defender, the legal aid equivalent here, would take over there. Ferrier immediately told the judge that he could not pay for the services of a lawyer.

Documents consulted by Le Journal also reveal that she filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

The IT developer has suffered a big drop in income since becoming self-employed in November 2017, it says.

She then had $ 248,642 in liabilities and $ 222,441 in assets.

Subsequently, she traveled by recreational vehicle to Texas where she was arrested. She spent some time in jail there in 2019, on one charge of falsifying government documents and two counts of possession of a weapon.

She also worked in a grocery store in greater Montreal according to her Facebook page.

– With Andrea Valeria, Bureau of Investigation

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