Fertilizer for geraniums: tricks fertilizing plants for a lush flower clusters

To support the plant in the heyday, should pay attention to care and give her the necessary fertilizer.

Добриво для герані: хитрощі підживлення рослини для пишних суцвіть

Geranium is a popular balcony and indoor flower in many homes: it is unpretentious, grows quickly and pleased with the abundant lush blooms for a long time. To support the plant in the heyday, should pay attention to care and give her the necessary fertilizer, informs Rus.Media.

General rules for the care of geraniums and fertilizer

To ensure a comfortable existence for the geraniums, it is important to choose the suitable home conditions:

  • a small pot (much enlarged root system will lead to a large mass of green leaves and a reduction of flowering);
  • fertile soil;
  • good drainage, as the geraniums are very sensitive to water stagnation;
  • well lit Sunny place;
  • regular feeding.

When fertilization take into account the season: in spring and summer feeding is carried out 1 time in 2 weeks, winter feeding is removed. Suppose to make in the middle of the winter months, half the usual dose of stimulants. You should carefully consider the choice of drugs for fertilizer, as geraniums do not require organic fertilizers. For flowering in the home needed mineral fertilizers, including potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Usually make them in equal proportions, but before flowering dose reduce nitrogen and increase potassium made.

If separate, fertilization is possible, you should use the ready mineral complexes that contain additional minerals. Special attention should be given to iodine, which reacts geranium enhanced flowering. You cannot make liquid fertilizer, without prior watering of the earth – this will lead to burns and death of the roots. Geraniums are fed in an hour after regular watering.

Extra minerals for geranium

To have geraniums blooming profusely, in addition to three main mineral components additionally contribute magnesium sulfate. The combination of sulphur with magnesium stimulates the formation of blossoms, making the flowering constant.

To prepare the aqueous solution for feeding, 15 g of drug is diluted in 5 liters of water and sprinkled over the soil in the pot. Water used for solution preparation in the home, should be no colder than 20°C – this will allow the crystals to completely dissolve and be absorbed by the plant in greater volume.

The combination of magnesium with other minerals as well is ambiguous, consider that it helps in the assimilation of nitrogen and phosphorus, but reduces the rate of absorption of calcium.

The plant has maintained healthy growth, pursue additional calcium supplements, or divide the application.

Equally important mineral element for abundant flowering is iodine. It accelerates the formation of buds and increases the number of buds. To prepare the solution at home is enough to dissolve 1 drop of iodine in a liter of warm water. On a Bush of geranium enough to make 50 ml of the prepared solution of iodine. When watering, the liquid should not fall on the trunk of the tree, fertilizing contribute to the walls of the pot.

Particular care and fertilizer geraniums

To begin to lay the necessary nutrients since the transplant. Geranium has a negative attitude to this procedure, so I do it usually in the form of transshipment in a pot slightly larger. When planting use a ready-made primer, the primer can with caution add magnesium sulfate and nitrogen. If the composition is prepared by yourself, then lay a full complex of mineral fertilizers to provide the plants a proper start for healthy growth and abundant flowering. For the main feeding of suitable granular fertilizing with prolonged action. They are mixed with the soil in the transplant process, and then dissolve slowly, giving nutrients for several months.

To successfully grow a flower from cuttings, to stimulate recommend the use of glucose or IAA. With caution use for rooting certain varieties Royal geranium. In this case, can be replaced by another stimulant, yeast or nettle solution. Yeast solution at home can be easily prepared from 100 g of material and 1 litre of warm water.

Applying fertilizer, it is important to follow dose: if the leaves turned yellow and become stunted, this suggests that there had been an excessive amount of nitrogen fertilizer, and it makes sense to reduce the dosage.

Nitrogen is good in the early stages, when the plant was subjected to spring pruning and requires intensive feeding to increase of green mass of leaves.

At home, the geranium, you can feed the milk mixture, dissolving 100 ml of milk in a liter of water. Use, alternating with regular watering. To replenish potassium will help ash are mixed in dry form with the soil; or the ash solution is added as an auxiliary support.

For abundant flowering plants do not need complex tools and systems of feeding. Enough to provide flower nutrient soil that in the spring and summer to give a full complex of mineral fertilizers, paying close attention to irrigation with iodine. Reasonably measured support, including in addition three main components, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, iodine, will provide the owner with abundant blooms of geraniums at home, throughout the year.