Fertilizing plants with aspirin

Aspirin for houseplants use in a variety of situations when you need to help home plants.

Підживлення кімнатних рослин аспірином

What to do to our favourite flowers on the windowsill all year round was green and beautiful there is in bloom? And the secret flower garden luxurious room is obvious and simple: plants need a good feed. We all eat three times a day, and that the flowers need diverse nutrition, informs Rus.Media.

And you can use home methods of feeding for indoor plants, which are in each family, and not necessarily to buy them in the store. One such tool is fertilizing plants with aspirin. Aspirin – acetylsalicylic acid – is sold in every pharmacy at an affordable price. Few people know that it can be used not only for its intended purpose is for therapeutic purposes and as a folk remedy for feeding, stimulation of growth and formation of buds from the potted plants.

What is the use of aspirin for flowers

Aspirin for houseplants use in a variety of situations when you need to help home plants:

  • The leaves fall;
  • Don’t want to form new buds;
  • Appearance flowers began to deteriorate;
  • After a stressful situation at the plant: transplant or the disease;
  • For antifungal treatment.

Tip: please note, the deterioration of the colors may be due to improper care, diseases or attack of pests. In such cases it is necessary to take corresponding measures: one aspirin will not do.

When to fertilize potted plants

If your plant is stretched out, the stems become thin, if growth has stopped or slowed down, the leaves turned pale, they appeared bright spot, the plant refuses to bloom, it’s likely not enough support.

But to prove the flowers to such a terrible state is not necessary, they need to feed regularly.

Already since March, when Windows is starting increasingly to look to the sun and the flowers start to rise, you should start to feed them once in two weeks. And continue to feed in this mode until October.

Feeding made during growth and during flowering.

From October to February the plants, there is usually a period of rest, they sink like bears in hibernation, and extra power is not needed. With the exception of those that bloom in winter, which can occasionally feed, but no more than once per month.

But growers are still in the dark time of the year, from November to December is not recommended to do so.

How to cook fertilizing indoor plants from aspirin

To prepare a solution for irrigation, need to grind a quarter of a tablet of aspirin and dissolve in 2 liters of water. It helps to boost the immune system.