Festa Roma, Jessica Chastain: “Post-pandemic message from cinema? Don’t judge, everyone has their own experience”

“The message that cinema must convey after the pandemic that the world has experienced is exactly that of my film: do not immediately judge people before you know them, but look at what lies behind people’s lives”. To say this at AdnKronos is the actress Jessica Chastain, the great protagonist of the opening night of the 16th Rome Film Fest. The American actress brings to the kermesse ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’, based on the documentary of the same name from 2000 which tells the story of the television preachers Tammy Faye Bakker and her husband Jim Bakker, from their rise to the sexual and financial scandals and the final ruin . “You have to see people as human beings, and try to understand their actions and only judge at the end,” Chastain explains. “The most difficult part in interpreting my character was definitely that of singing – adds the actress – Because I was very ashamed to let my voice be heard, it took me a long time to prepare and that was certainly the biggest challenge. for me”.