Festival Haiti en Folie: five most popular events online

Festival Haïti en Folie: cinq événements incontournables en ligne

This is not the COVID-19 that would prevent Fabienne Colas presented the edition 2020 of the Festival Haiti en Folie, because for her, “it was important to mark the occasion”.

“I think that this is the time to support artists black, they can have a platform and “performer”. It is of paramount importance. The “show” must go on!”, expresses its president and founder.

In spite of the financial constraints and technological challenges, the free event will be held online (montreal.haitienfolie.com) from July 24 to 26. Offered in conjunction with the initiative deployed in New York, the programming will sweep the world.

“We have artists of haitian origin living in New York who participate in it virtually, and artists, but also artists who are in Haiti, in Europe… It was really the artists of the four corners that world…”

Among this mix of original events and proposals in recall, some stand out:

Show “Haiti on fire and the flames”

“The kickoff is a show that we did in 2014, in Place of Festivals, to commemorate 210 years of independence of Haiti, recalls Fabienne Colas. It is not to be missed 35 artists on scene; there is humour, dance, music, a fire-eater. We had put the package!”

Friday, 24 July at 19: 30.

Chat “Dany Laferrière and the journey of exile”

“I’m going to speak with Dany Laferrière on his new book, drew [editor’s NOTE : “The exile is worth the journey”]. Dany is a lot in this “vibe” of books drawn; he invented a genre. We are going to talk about it and we will try to return to his creative process to know what it takes to write such a book.”

Saturday 25 July to 18 h.

Concert “in the footsteps of Manno Charlemagne”

“We had done a show in 2009, with a caption – who is dead now – haitian music, a little Bob Dylan haitian: Manno Charlemagne. He was the mayor of Port-au-Prince, but has always been an activist. The songs he did, it was really to awaken the people against the system of dictatorship, the exploitation of the rich, and so many things. In 2009, it was his last visit to Montreal and we had picked up the concert very intimate Theatre Plaza.”

Saturday, 25 July at 21 h.

Show “Guitar madness”

“It was a show for guitar lovers. The great chic-great genre. There are three musicians songwriters: TiCorn called the Joan Baez of Haiti, Bélo, which is a little succession of Manno Charlemagne and Beethova Obas, also a legend in haitian music.”

Sunday 26 July to 18 h.

Closing show “Haiti en Folie”

“This is another show that we did last year, on stage at Just for laughs, where we commemorated 215 years of independence of Haiti… We have our Celine Dion we called Émeline Michel, our Salif Keita, who is called James Germain, it has humour with four humorists of quebec, there’s a dance… it is beautiful.”

Sunday, 26 July at 19: 30.

  • The detailed program of the Festival Haiti en Folie is located at montreal.haitienfolie.com where it is possible to also financially support the event.
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