Festival of folk songs: the vocal family chose in Tajikistan

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elizabeth Shagalova


Tied music. The most vociferous family chose in Tajikistan. Festival “Dooney Saodat” – translated “Happy world” is gathered in Dushanbe hundreds of participants from across the country. Folk music listened to by the correspondent of “MIR 24” Zarina Abdunazarova.

This song is called Mavrigi, genre more than a century. Art traditional Tajik people. Feature that to write a song directly during the performance. The main themes – love, loyalty and family. Girls with spoons harder: they ask themselves the rhythm while dancing.

In some Tajik families singing and dancing is a long tradition that has developed long before the advent of festivals. In these ensembles participate mums, dads, grandparents, and even great-grandchildren. But in terms of the competition to go on stage may not be more than 20 people.

“Our ensemble was organized by our father in the late 80s of the last century. But no matter how much we played, the excitement is always there. After all, it is the honor of the family”, – says the participant of the contest Kiemiddin Ibragimov.

“We perform for the first time, singing a popular Tajik song. With me, girl Kyrgyz, she does not know the Tajik language, but really wanted to participate in the festival and learned the song “John”,” – said the participant of the contest Ismatullo Isaev.

Each ensemble has prepared a few rooms. But perform in costumes that they sewed themselves – is also in the contest rules.

“The festival is already not the first year. But with each passing year participants, and are whole family groups, is becoming more. Our goal is to develop such ensembles and to look for new talents, to revive the national cultural tradition and, most importantly, to instill in the youth respect for the historical values and traditions”, – said the employee of the Ministry of culture of Tajikistan Usmonov Shodibek.

The competition was attended by 50 ensembles. The jury recognized the best 12. The winners received gifts and the title of “excellence culture”. The competition concert of finalists.