Fettuccine zucchini: prepare the Italian dish of the Belarusian style


Fettuccine – one of the most popular types of Italian pasta. This dish is served with thick noodles. However, you can do it in the Belarusian style – zucchini. Yes, pasta made of zucchini!

Slice zucchini convenient knife for cleaning of vegetables. Squash noodles it turns out beautiful and smooth. It is necessary to “stew” in boiling water. Then chop the onion and put it on the pan, throw there dice chicken, add spices to taste and pour all the cups of cream. Combine noodles with chicken in a cream sauce right on the table – to fettuccine of zucchini preserved form. Finally decorate the dish with balls of soft cheese.

Detailed recipe from the chef and other life hacks see in the “cheaper” on the TV channel “MIR”.