Fetty Wap asks fans for help

Fetty Wap asks fans for help

Fetty Wap asks fans for help

Fetty Wap pleaded with his fans to flood social media with “butterflies” because his daughter loved them.

Fetty wap

The 30-year-old rapper thanked his followers for their words of support after the death of four-year-old Lauren Maxwell, whom he associates with the American dancer Turquoise Miami earlier this week, and asked them to post photos and emojis of beautiful insects that symbolize rebirth and transformation, because the baby was them. obsessed.

Going to Instagram Live on Monday (2/21/21) evening, Fetty said, clutching a photo of his “little twin”: “Man. Man. Thanks everyone, huh? This is Love. I appreciate you, truly. Heck. This is Love. She would be damn happy.

“Thanks, yes? I appreciate you. Look at my little twin right here. Will you do me a favor? Honestly. Can you do me a favor? Just send all the butterflies. ” All butterflies. The baby loved butterflies. Look at my baby. Look at my little twin. I love you “.

Turquoise announced the sad news on her Instagram account earlier this week, but did not reveal when or how Lauren died.

She added the caption to Lauren’s short clip in the pool: “This is my amazing, beautiful, funny, bright, loving, talented, smart and stubborn mermaid princess Aquarius. If you see this post scrolling with her comment or just say to yourself “I love you Lauren” because they say souls can feel your love #rip (sic) ”

After performing at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami last month, Fetty wrote on his Instagram Story, “LoLo’s dad did this shit for you last night, girl.”

In October, hitmaker My Way, whose real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II, took to social media to pay tribute to his brother, Twishon Depew, after he was gunned down in New Jersey at the age of 26. He wrote on Instagram: “I love you, baby, my brother, my twin … Rest in peace … I let you down, bro, I’m sorry … I keep calling you on the phone, and you don’t answer, and this shit never calls 3 times “It’s straight to vm I love you sweet bro, I really thought I could get you out before I ever had to write a post like this little bro like wtf (sic)” And last month, Fetty remembered his brother and sister on Father’s Day. He wrote: “You were new to this, but true to this … happy Father’s Day, baby, brother … sai green, we got it … # HoodAngels … you too, Perion, I love you, big bra, your little ones, no more I will drink a bottle for you today, gang (sic) “