Few people at the gathering of Trump ? The fault of the protesters, according to his team

Peu de monde au rassemblement de Trump ? La faute aux manifestants, selon son équipe

The team of Donald Trump was awarded Sunday to the protesters, the low turnout at the gathering, the much anticipated american president who sought to revive his re-election campaign in full pandemic.

The billionaire republican had assured last week that “nearly a million” people had requested tickets for this appointment in Tulsa, in Oklahoma, a State conservative that he had won with an overwhelming majority in 2016.

But the meeting was leaded by the images of rows of empty seats, the news that six members of his team were to be tested positive to the Covid-19 and a speech that has been criticized for not having addressed in depth the health crisis, economic and the historical movement of anger against the racism situation in the United States.

If Donald Trump, 74 years of age, has demonstrated once again his energy, striding onstage for nearly two hours, even the media favorite of conservatives stressed Sunday that loser.

The billionaire republican is ” furious “, reported NBC, and the New York Times, citing anonymous sources.

The president, who loves to talk about the crowds who come to see, had explained that if the multi-purpose hall, which can accommodate about 20,000 people, was not enough, a conference centre nearby could receive approximately 40 000 people.

But without the world, he has cancelled at the last minute on Saturday night in a speech planned for the spectators who could not enter. And the fire department of Tulsa have counted 6 200 spectators during his speech, according to the american media.

“There were several factors at play, such as worries about the protesters who had come” justified Sunday, a senior adviser to his campaign team, Mercedes Schlapp.

“There were protesters who have blocked” the entrance of the participants, she also stated on Fox News, adding that families had can be not dared to come with their children due to concerns related to the protesters “.

The journalists on site have not reported of blockages in the major inputs. An imposing police and military had been deployed in the perimeter.

First big rally was held in a room that is closed during the pandemic of the Covid-19, which was close to 120, 000 deaths in the United States, the meeting of Donald Trump was heavily criticized, experts fearing that it may worsen the contagion at a time when Oklahoma is experiencing a strong surge in the number of cases detected.

“No comparison “

As early as his inauguration speech, in January 2017, Donald Trump had shown his tendency to speak in passionate words the size of its crowds.

He and his team laugh at for weeks, and the campaign to mute her rival, democrat Joe Biden, who remained locked in his home for weeks because of the containment and complies strictly with the safety instructions in the speeches and round tables which he organized since the déconfinement.

The former vice-president of Barack Obama has not organized a meeting at the beginning of march, when the pandemic is coming to put a sudden stop to the election campaign american.

This has not prevented him from taking off in the polls in recent weeks by Donald Trump.

“I’d like to see a meeting of Biden. Scanty, because there is no comparison “, has launched Mercedes Schlapp, noting that the one Donald Trump had been followed by 5.3 million people online.

“I think I’ve sold all my entries in this same room in five minutes “, took down the american singer Pink. But with the risk of contagion of the Covid-19, ” I will not ask ever for people to come into a room that is closed at this time. Person of good will “.

Some have argued that the teenagers had been able to partly cause the lack of crowds, as they proclaim on the social network TikTok have ordered many tickets with the firm intention not to go there.

A theory that has strongly rejected the campaign director of Donald Trump Sunday, stressing that its teams had checked to always have the phone numbers and that the entries were assigned anyway in order of arrival.

The lack of audience is due to the media coverage trying to discourage people to come “because of the Covid and protesters,” insisted Brad Parscale in a press release and furious, in which he wondered if it was well worth the money to accredit journalists to cover these events.

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