Few skiers in the Catalan resorts for these Christmas holidays

    Few skiers in the Catalan resorts for these Christmas holidays

    Since this Wednesday it is again impossible for the French to cross the border to get to Spain. Or at least, in Spanish Cerdanya. The Spanish part is reconfigured for at least two weeks, in order to limit the resumption of the coronavirus epidemic. The Puigcerdà cross-border hospital has in fact been facing a peak in activity for a few days, comparable to the situation observed during the first wave last spring. Today, these are 12 people who are hospitalized for the Covid.

    In this Christmas week, the Catalan ski resorts are therefore quite empty. At La Masella, for example, the station is only occupiedat 15% of its capacity. Many cancel their visit, French as well as Spaniards. The resort then offers them to postpone their stay, without the possibility of reimbursement.

    I’ve never seen that, even though I come every year!
    – Carla

    David is a Franco-Spanish living in Paris. For the holidays, he returned to Barcelona to see his family, accompanied by his friend Carla. “There is hardly anyone, they notice. We are heading back to Barcelona tonight and due to the re-containment here we will not be able to return. “

    Usually full at this time of year, the Masella hotels are closed today.

    The roads are closely watched by the Mossos d’Esquadra. Some are even blocked, to better filter motorists. Cars with French plates are systematically checked.

    For our colleagues from French stations, it’s hard to see us working
    – Tony, ski instructor

    Even with little attendance, ski lessons take place. Tony is a trainer at La Masella. He who lives in the enclave of Llívia, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, knows the difficulties of French resorts. The latter will not reopen their ski lifts before January 7, at the earliest. “I know coaches from Font-Romeu, Porté-Puymorens or Les Angles. It’s hard for them to see us work.”

    On the slopes of La Masella, this Wednesday, many people think that with the mask and the barrier measures, skiing could be possible in France without increasing the risk of contamination.

    Cars with French plates are systematically stopped for an inspection of the Mossos d’Esquadra. © Radio France
    – Suzanne Shojaei
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