Fewer children than last year in the camps of day

Moins d’enfants que l’an dernier dans les camps de jour

This summer, the day camps the City of Quebec will host far fewer children. Because of the COVID-19, the Municipality will however, need more monitors and more money to put it in place.

This is in essence what the mayor Régis Labeaume has made it known on Friday afternoon during a press conference virtual.

These camps, very popular with families, will be held from 29 June to 14 August. The City believes it can accommodate up to 10 000 young people instead of 17,000, last year.

Also, the municipal administration will need 2200 monitors instead of 1500 as usual.

Régis Labeaume launched a pressing appeal to young people, to come to work as instructors, this summer.

“We will welcome as many children as possible. All depends on the number of monitors that can be hired. The last few weeks have been a difficult time for parents. It is almost an essential service. The parents need respite, and the kids need to take the air, ” argued the mayor of Quebec city.

Appeal to the young people

According to him, ” this will be a challenge to find additional space and, more particularly, of the human resources to animate our children, but we will get there “.

Mr. Labeaume has also launched a pressing appeal to teenagers, stating that it would be still more interesting for them to live a professional experience as a monitor, rather than collecting government aid emergency.

The mayor reports that the 1500 instructors from last year will re-enlist in 2020. He says focus now to find 700 other leaders that it needs.

The hourly rate (increased $ 1) will be 14,50 $ for 45 hours per week, or nearly $ 650 per week. Other financial incentives will also be on the menu.

Additional costs

The municipality calculates that the day camps will cost $ 15 million or $ 6 million more than a year ago.

Mayor Labeaume is hoping to receive government assistance to offset these additional expenses, but it is not a condition sine qua non for the holding of the activity.

Not surprisingly, health measures, strict will be put in place. The distancing physics will continue to be applied and the parents will not be able to enter on the sites of the camp day.

The various measures announced in November 2019 for the day camps will be well and truly in force. Parents can register their children in the week instead of being forced to book for the seven-week integral program.

Day Camps (Holiday program-Summer) 2020 of the City of Quebec

  • From 29 June to 14 August
  • 10 000 young people instead of 17 000 usually
  • Need 2200 monitors instead of 1500.
  • Budget of $ 15 million instead of $ 9 million
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