Fifth time in a row and again girls: the birth of the double

Do you believe in the theory of probability? And the law of pair cases? But our family has definitely believes in nothing.

П&#039ятий раз поспіль і знову дівчата: народження двойні

Anya was put in the hospital before delivery – pregnancy at the last time was leaking hard, and doctors risk is not wanted, in addition to the birth was not one baby, but two, informs Rus.Media.

Future mom offered elective caesarean section, but she really wanted to give birth to itself, so the doctors decided to try one in or take always time. In addition, Anne’s husband was a contract for partnership delivery, and the surgeons really do not like strangers in the operating room.

The fight, Anya had started late in the evening – was immediately notified of the man who just arrived. Since birth she is not the first time, she knew what is required of her, acted cautiously and reasonably, and at four in the morning was born the first child.

The girl cried immediately, the midwife congratulated on the birth of his daughter. However, instead of the usual joy dad forced a smile and immediately switched to the wife. After another ten minutes the light was born the second girl.

Mom smiled happily, but the new father gave a loud cry, and didn’t seem to be happy.

It was the fifth twins and girls again. And my husband really wanted at least one boy, but no luck, seen – that and was upset. But he loves his daughters and really good dad, so all will be well.