Fifty shades of brown: the icing on the cake Zozulya

Пятьдесят оттенков коричневого: вишенка на тортике Зозули

© Facebook, Roman Zozulya by Itself, the case of the football player Roman Zozulya, who on Sunday, December 15, in Spain, where it now stands, the fans squeezed from the stadium, chants making it clear that they are disgusted to see on the field Nazi, and was brought to tears – out of the ordinary. I can even say that is outstanding.For example, as it turned out, a mediocre player, too, there is a loophole to penetrate in the history of football. After all, Zozulya now became the most famous Nazi in the boots. European class! In crossword puzzles it is already possible task ask: “Famous footballer-Nazi.” And was studying, even far from the sport, will enter into the cells: “Zozulya”. Or “Zozulya”, does not matter.

How it honorable — the second question. But the fact that such questionable glory won the Ukrainian player is a natural phenomenon.
Alas, the fact that Ukraine has recently become a hotbed of Nazi ideas, that they in certain, and not-so-narrow circles popular, and most importantly, their carriers can feel confident and flaunt with impunity — a fact accomplished. A statement of his official Kiev increasingly difficult to write off the Kremlin’s propaganda. Although attempts are made.

Zozulya because “red” is the Spanish fans is not the first time chase. Petro Poroshenko once when he was President, something vague about it muttered. Yes, and the cuckoo was trying to Ambaritsa from accusations of Nazism, talking about Pro-Russian sentiments of the fans in Spain. Are these excuses juhla. They are good for internal use, for the Ukrainian. Europeans are increasingly inclined to insights, inspired by his own bleak observations.Ukraine simply has many times deceived the expectations of Europe, which is to take for granted coming from there, information is becoming something of a bad taste.
So, why, in fact, for the Spaniards Zozulya a Nazi? Very simple, he without constraint, parading admires Bandera. Last, let his deeds and were far from the Pyrenees realities, a character from the deck of Hitler. Let of sixes. What’s the difference?

Cuckoo systematically makes feasible a share of the funding punitive battalions in Donbass. Including those entities whose chevrons, by some amazing quirk of history, symbols of the Third Reich. Imagine a place where people do not care that their blessed land some fascist scum who have arrived on earnings, gets the money that goes to killing women and children.

One fan on social networks drew my attention to a photo of Roman Zozulya, walking in the Internet. The athlete stands in front of the scoreboard in the basketball gym and pointing to the numbers: “14-88”.

Пятьдесят оттенков коричневого: вишенка на тортике Зозули

© Facebook, Artem Timescout such fascist mischievous wink, if someone does not know. These figures from the relevant public have a particular value. Code slogan, which is inspired by Ukrajiny “My struggle” , Adolf Hitler’s theme of the superiority of the white race. “88” is for Natsik and even “NN”, meaning “Heil Hitler!” Nothing like a set of ideological values, right?

But it is in the Ukraine was for a long time to tell you lop-eared naive public, they say, swastikas have thugs on the football stands — pure Ethnography. No fascism, one big Indian philosophy. And the anthem of Ukraine in the 88th minute of the mast start to bawl just. For some reason at that moment the fierce spiration necessary.The Spaniards these tales will not catch. What is fascism, swastika and what the consequences of them derive, in the Pyrenees, I know well. There and the Trident refers to the Nazi symbolism, you have that right. Zozulya, not being a rocket scientist in your beautiful, topped with a “Bandera” a fringe-comma, the forehead, once famously arrived in Spain with the “Tryzub” in the entire t-shirt. Now he, most likely, will watch out in a similar outfit on Spanish streets to flaunt, but later. Enough, the whole image of a Nazi from the local football fans formed long ago.By the way, the latest scandal Zozulya gave rise to social networks, but it’s still a discussion of the theoretical, so to say, character. From the category of “you don’t understand, Nazi and fascist are two different things”. Was added and the interpretation of what de Zozulya Nazi — so, the usual “raguli”, chauvinist hamlet manner. You know, because not everyone cares about fifty shades of brown. Not everyone is interested to understand where the invisible border between Nazism and fascism, especially to look at what stage of the evolution of farm chauvinist cluttered with the trappings of “SS”. This is all a foul-smelling substance, which in a decent society beaten face, and this is the best.

Пятьдесят оттенков коричневого: вишенка на тортике Зозули

© | go to the Bank Till the cuckoo cried in the locker room, wiping snot on the cheeks of gloom and cursing the fans, so hard pornusy its fine Nazi nature came moral and political help. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine (it seems, there is not much people work encumbered) still found in the chants of the Spanish fans, the stamps of Russian propaganda. I don’t know… somehow think that the phrase “puto nazi” quite authentic. However, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, of course, know better, so “nazi” sort it out for the “puto”.
The icing on the shameful cake scandal name Zozulya was the reaction of President Vladimir Zelensky. Yes, the President at the time left everything and sat down to Twitter, where he said that player support all Ukraine (a bold statement), and he, Zelensky, in a sense, shakes hands with Tom. That’s nothing, just hand shakes, but could mouth sugar kiss. This symbol of modern Ukraine in Spain is lost, the despised and outraged, misunderstood.

However, why is it lost? On the contrary, he was whistling, and he grows stronger. Wait till the Cuckoo, whatever it was, from Spain sent to their historic homeland. And there is, quite possibly, his political career has already begun.

In the end, the football is worse than the boxer or the witted? So this is still quite clearly defined electorate. Ukraine — Spain. This last is “left” (although “right” is enough, too, to be fair) fans. Ukraine in this sense, stripped to the limit — only the far-right.

And these fat do not feed, give to Bandera to meditate. Or its simplified reincarnation of the Roman Zozulya. Ready ruler of the minds, even with the European experience.Ruslan Marmazov

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