Fight against poverty: a plan that throws powder in the eyes

The three billion dollars that will be invested in the fight against poverty by the Government of Quebec by 2023 are the powder in the eyes, according to about twenty people who went to protest near the Sherbrooke Local Employment Center, Sunday afternoon.

T he co-ordinator of the Sherbrooke tenants’ association, Normand Couture, denounces the government’s plan. “The plan presented by the Ministry will not lift people out of poverty. When we dissect this plan, we announce an increase of $ 15 per month for a person who is able to work and benefits from social assistance. So we get to a horrendous $ 643 a month, “he says, adding that a studio in Sherbrooke costs $ 426 a month.

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The government announcement is causing a lot of disappointment. “People were expecting to be able to pay their rent and groceries, but their dream just collapsed,” says Couture. People who are not able to work are not able to participate in employability measures! ”

Moreover, people living with severe constraints will also have difficulty getting out of poverty, according to Couture. “We are also told that people with severe constraints will receive $ 826 a month. The government considers them to be above the poverty line. Analyzes show us that below $ 15 an hour, a person lives below the poverty line, “he says.

However, according to Mr. Couture, many people considered fit to work should not be. “Many diseases are not recognized. People with these diseases are therefore declared fit for work. In reality, these people are not able to work. As a society, we should be able to meet the basic needs of everyone, “he adds.

To stop poverty, the first step would be to recognize people who can not work. “If you want to have a real first step, you have to recognize that there are people who do not have access to the job market, or to a return to school. As a society, people should have a bonus to meet essential needs, “Mr. Couture suggests, recalling that no one chooses to be poor.

Christmas trees will not be installed this year for religious reasons at the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS, suggests a message posted on Facebook and shared more than 2200 times. The organization, however, denies these claims.
The message was posted on the “Chus-Csn Workers Union” page, which is not an official union page, but is rather maintained by employees who wish to remain anonymous. It reads that the Christmas tree on the roof of the CHUS Fleurimont and the one on the roof of the Pavilion Émile-Noël of the Hôtel-Dieu will not be installed this year, just like the Christmas tree on the place Royer (interior garden of the Hotel-Dieu). It would be material equipment workers from the CHUS and spiritual care technicians who allegedly reported this information, but neither did they want to identify themselves.

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