Fight of Kim Clavel of Las Vegas: an example for the public Health according to Michel

Combat de Kim Clavel à Las Vegas: un exemple pour la Santé publique selon Michel

The promoter Yvon Michel believes that the fight of Kim Clavel in Las Vegas will serve as an example to the public Health authorities of Quebec.

“This will be a nice proof demonstrated by someone at us that it is possible to make fighting in a secure fashion, said Michel. The protocol of Top Rank, that will have to follow Kim and his team, consists of six pages. Everything is super well organized.”

Although he supported the approach of Camille Estephan, he has not spoken to the boss of Eye of the Tiger Management in the last few days about a possible alliance discussions with the government.

“I have not had the opportunity to do it,” added Michel. From what I know, the plan of Camille resembles that of the UFC in several points. The big problem, this is not the protocol, but rather the lack of dialogue with the authorities of the public Health.

“This is what makes the situation even more outrageous.”

In the last few days, Estephan has received good news so that the public Health has opened the door to discussions. We may have a right to good news next week?

One thing is for sure, the pressure is strong on the dr. Horacio Arruda and his group of advisors.

Little changes

Boxers can sometimes be superstitious before a fight. However, with the protocol established, the bubble of Top Rank, some habits can be challenged.

But not Kim Clavel. She is very comfortable with the situation that she is going to live in the next few days.

“I wouldn’t have to change anything because I’m in a kind of bubble since the beginning of my training camp, pointed to the boxer of 29 years old. I am confined with my coaches. This bubble, we will simply take her to Las Vegas.

“I’m used to being able to follow rules and protocols. I have worked in the CHLSD and protocols, I had to follow. This is not something that I déboussole. Quite to the contrary.”

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