“Figure” is no substitute for freedom: Putin about democracy and new technologies

PHOTO : MIR / Irina Fomochkina


Digital technology and social networks are important for the development of democracy, but it is important to remember that “figure” is no substitute for freedom, and source of power is the people. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the II international forum “Development of parliamentarism” in Moscow, reports channel “MIR 24”.

The head of state noted that new technologies can play a positive role in enhancing the openness and democratization of public and political life, strengthening of democratic institutions.

“Digital technologies, artificial intelligence, the era of social networking, big data will certainly have an impact on policy, and on parliamentary activity, legislative practice, will open new horizons for the extension of direct democracy”, – he said.

The Internet allows citizens to directly engage citizens in decision-making, it affects the formation of the legal framework from national to local levels. All these advantages can only be seen under certain conditions

“In that case, if we all remember about the main thing that digital does not replace the freedom that this nation is always a source of power that man, his rights – the Foundation,” – said Putin.

According to the Russian leader, it is the duty of all responsible politicians, scientists, the business community – to understand the nature of the technological revolution, the present and the future of the digital era.

“We must consistently and that is extremely important to timely address the issues of eliminating, smoothing during the revolution, contradictions and risks, and a lot of them”, – said Putin.

Putin stressed that the international parliamentary community to doljnostnaya democratic values.

“It is only in a healthy, strong inter-parliamentary environment can have a substantial confidential dialogue, exchange of regulatory practices, to improve and develop the system of international law,” Putin added.