Filmed at the Kuban double Hoe was a thief in the Federal wanted list

Заснятый на Кубани двойник Цапка оказался вором в федеральном розыске

The Prosecutor’s office of Krasnodar region has established the identity of the man resembling the leader of Kushchevskaya OPG Sergei Hoe. The man got into the camera lens after a traffic accident in Sochi, RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Prosecutor’s office.

Militiamen found out that the double crime boss name is Vitaly Nikiforov. He is a native of Bishkek and the thief, being in Federal search.

The man was caught on camera on 6 June. Locals excited about his resemblance to a criminal Sergey Hoe, who died five years ago in prison. The inhabitants of the Kuban have suggested that the Hoe’s death was faked, and the leader of the gang freely walking the streets.

A real person photographed was installed after residents appealed to the Prosecutor of Sochi Igor Hraznova, with a request to check who is depicted in the picture.

We will remind that the leader of Kushchevskaya OPG Sergey Tsapok and members of his group were convicted of the murder of 12 people in the fall of 2010. Tsapok was sentenced to life imprisonment, but died in 2014 after an illness.