Finally, the paths of the quad are open

Enfin, les sentiers de quad sont ouverts

While several activities had received earlier the green light to a restart under specific conditions of public Health, the enthusiasts of quad have had the good news Sunday : the trails are open.

History of know how it goes for a club, I conducted an interview with the president of the club VTT de la Matapédia, André Blouin.

“We were almost became a telephone switchboard with a flood of continual calls for the same information, namely : “At what time we will be able to ride ? Is it that I should take my membership card ? If it does not roll throughout the year, is what we will be reimbursed part ?” “, to quote Mr. Blouin. Annually, we have between 600 and 650 members, who had to call me each turn, and often twice “, he said.

“Most people, I would say around half, have taken their right-of-way. We have not distributed to rights-of-passage paper in our 16 areas of usual selling. We prefer that people take their membership card online. ”


The prohibition of movement in trail, and even that of not being able to do the work of the beginning of the season were causing serious headaches for volunteers.

“Our operation clean-up trails is always on the last Saturday of may of each year,” says Mr. Blouin.

“One hundred volunteers, divided into 13 teams, leaving in the morning with chain saws and brush cutters to clean up the trails. The team of signaling steps for replace the panels. Fortunately for us, with the announced opening Sunday, we will be able to act as usual. We will be able to use our how to operate usual and prepare trails suitable for lovers. It is required that the fans be patient and give us time to proceed with the work use. ”

The reality that is lived by the fans of quad biking in the region is far from what can think of several decision-makers.

“In our trails, the circulation is far from being intensive, as in the other regions. To have done the tour of the Gaspé peninsula several times in a week can encounter two or three mountain bikes. In our club we have 704 miles of trails to over 600 members. If one takes for granted that one hundred members at the time circulate in our trails, it is seven vehicles per 100 kilometres. People move more often to one, two or three mountain BIKING together. They make a tour and come back home. That is the reality of the quad in the region, ” says Mr. Blouin.


While the fanciers who live in the cities should make a good distance to get to the path chosen, in the region, the access is much more simple.

“We go out to the garage and we’re going to the trails. Lovers of the city are accustomed to go to bed somewhere. We, in our walks, we go to dinner somewhere and we go back to the house. We are going to travel 200 miles easily starting from the house, says André Blouin. Here, we are in nature. We don’t meet people in the trails. “It is truly a way of life for these people. In order to protect the followers, Mr. Blouin and his club have developed what was to become the first application quad in the world. “We want people to circulate safely on our trails. We have developed our app to help people know where they are at all times. In addition, we have more than 9000 signs on our 700 miles of trails. ”


By delaying to give permission to clubs to be able to prepare and operate their trails, the government, without knowing it, had created the delinquency.

“Unfortunately, there are those who do not listen and go to the trails before we could adequately prepare. The purpose of a club like ours, this is to ensure that people enjoy themselves, running in the trails safe. We have a rescue team very well equipped and trained to deal with all situations, but we don’t want to use it. This permission will allow us to bring things to normal quickly. ”

In closing, the chairman wished to remind that a quadiste is fully clothed from head to foot, with helmet and visor, gloves, and even more. The risk of contamination by practicing this hobby are pretty slim.

Everywhere in Quebec, the clubs need time to do the preparation work. The atv riders will have to be patient. All relays will remain closed until further notice.

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