Financial assistance for the COVID-19: No bonuses to executive officers of subsidized

Aide financière pour la COVID-19: Pas de bonis aux dirigeants subventionnés

In contrast to Bombardier in 2017, the companies which receive help from the State to boost their businesses affected by the health crisis, will commit to freeze the salaries of their officers, and to suspend bonuses.

“It would be a bit illogical that government money is used to pay bonuses. I think everyone accepts that, ” commented the minister of Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, Friday.

The minister had just concluded the first session the virtual the history of the national Assembly, which temporarily replaces the question periods at the blue Room.

Questioned by the criticism of Québec solidaire, Vincent Marissal, Mr. Fitzgibbon was agreed that the assistance granted by Investissement Québec and the Caisse de dépôt will be required to be accompanied by rules on compensation.

However, the minister does not intend to play the ” police “. Rather it relies on the “civic duty” of firms and invites them to submit their ” recommendations “. “There are companies that will do more than I’m going to ask, but there will be a minimum “, he commented in a press briefing.

On the side of a Crown corporation, Loto-Québec, the SAQ and Hydro-Quebec have already announced a freeze of salaries of their officers and the deferral of the payment of bonuses.

Polite exchanges

This first session is virtual, which took the format of a parliamentary commission of up to an hour on the platform team, and has given rise to exchanges posed and awkward questions.

“An hour can have a conversation deeper. What I prefer, personally, that you have only 30 seconds to give an overview on an issue, ” commented the minister Fitzgibbon in English.

The exercise has also enabled us to learn that the plan of déconfinement for schools should be submitted on Monday. The one on the economy, the next day.

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